Top 30 Sites To Download Free Infographic Templates in 2020

Top 30 Sites To Download Free Infographic Templates in 2018:-

Infographics are loved by people even after videos being the most preferred what for business to display their stuff. Infographics are great medium as they provide escape to people from long and boring texts and give pictorial representation which is interesting, entertaining and the same time relevant. 
There are some tools which help you to create amazing infographics. Some of them are discussed in this narrative.
1 – Freepik:-
Freepik is a website for constructing infographics which offers a variety free vectors that include infographic templates..
2. Free Infographic Templates:-
Those looking for infographic templates for free are a right choice to choose this platform.
3. Behance:-
 The difference among Behance and other sites is that Behance focuses on business software needs and they are the stuff which is mostly catered by this site..
4. Hongkiat:-
Hongkiar:- Hook helps to make a template for infographics.  This includes some models and vectors already premade for use.
5. Venngage:-
Venngage has hundreds of free infographic templates to offer. These platforms show how each one looks up front, making it an ideal choice for some users.
6. Ultra Updates:-
Ultra Updates facilitates looking through 40 of what people believe is the best infographic template for their infographic construction.
7. Designs Maz:-
 Designs Maz: This design-based for infographics website consists of an entire list of free infographic templates that appear pleasing to the eye.
8. Piktochart:-
Piktochart is a template creator. Many times, the infographic templates you see online are nice but they do not cater to your needs. Therefore, for this purpose,  Piktochart  provides you to make use of their vectors to build an infographic according to your needs.
9. All-Free-Download:-
This website is home to hundreds of free downloadable apps and software. Including free infographic templates. Just enter the information of what you are looking for in the search engine at the top, and you will be given a multitude of templates that you can download for free.
10. Hubspot:-
HubSpot: The downloads of this website are little from the rest. These are free. However, they work best when put to use for a powerpoint presentation.
11. Canva:-
Canva: This site requires no download, except for the finished product. All you have to do is use this website’s “drag and drop” design to create your infographic template. This is a great and easy choice for many because you don’t have to download any new software just to use the infographic template you design or download.
12. Template Monster:-
Template Monster is a blog website that is made for people to share the templates they have made, which include infographic templates.
This is a place where you can download both already finished infographic and templates software to create infographic templates.
14. Pinterest:-
Pinterest provides a multitude of free infographic templates available for pinning. One has to get a board created and add the templates of choice.
15. The Neo Design:-
This website has some best infographic template designs to be created along with newest designs before anyone else does.
16. Graphic Design Junction:-
Graphic Design Junction : A multitude of vectors are available here on this platform and tutorials are available too in order to make creating anything related to graphic design easy.
17. Free PSD Files:-
This is another website which offers a multitude of files of just one type.
18. Infographic Template Shop:-
This simple website gives you gives you exactly for what you have come here for.  The downloads here are available in packs.
19. Inspired M:-
  This is the website which is basically best to find inspiration for website design. Each and every template available on this website are free.
20. Infogram:-
This is the latest app that focuses on providing information in precise, and easy to understand methods. One just has to make a choice of the template, imagine data, and construct the presentation.
21. Creative Bloq:-
This website too is made with the vision of design inspiration. Many topics such as 3d rendering or Typography are provided and you can choose the topic of your interest to read.
22. Easlly:-
You can create a free account on Easlly and get your information saved to infographic templates right there
23. Showeet:-
This website is available in multiple languages. So naturally, it is much more useful than a website that is only available in one language.These platforms provide free of cost  powerpoint and infographic templates in both French and Spanish.
24. Office Templates:-
They provide free templates as long as you pay the subscription fee or own the facility that the template connects to.
25. Listen Data:-
Many times one expects from a website is the cold hard facts that are dedicated to data collection. This platform gives articles to read about the current issue with infographics for you to read. After completion of the reading part, if you like the look of the template, you can get it downloaded
26. Creative Booster:-
This is a platform that offers a simple infographic template for use. One can get it downloaded to your computer, or get it received to your email where one can download at a suitable time. This is useful for those who have a lot of choices to make room multiple designs, and also for those who need to get to work on their collection of data.
27. Dribbble:-
A design based website which offers services and software free of cost. One can choose from a plethora of vectors and designs available, and if you are an aspiring web technician you can even apply for a job here.
28. Zippy Pixels:-
This is the website that offers most of the stuff when it comes to presentations. Some features offered at this website are free, and some you do have to pay for when you choose this platform for your infographic work.
29. Farm n Wife:-
This website consists of suggested links on what exactly you want to search, which is actually about finding your favorite infographic templates for free. Get use their simple search engine to find what you want or need.
30. AE Download:-
Here at AE downloader, one can download a variety of effects, templates, and video software. You can use all of these of these to construct an infographic template speedily that is sure to impress your peers.

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