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Steven Universe which is a popular anime web series is launched over KissCartoon. It has been streamed with all episodes and all seasons. You can watch all the episodes of Steven Universe on KissCartoon for free. Moreover, you can enjoy the latest upcoming trailer of season 6 and other details of this anime series.

Steven Universe Wiki and their Movies Characters cast list:

This anime series revolves around the Crystal Gems and all the movement of gems sworn. The crystal Gems are there to protect the earth from evil threats and Homeworld Gem. Steven in this series is a young half human and half gem boy. All the stories of this series revolve around him and the things he do to save the earth from evil threats. This half human boy inherits the gemstone from his mother who is also a Crystal Gem named Rose Quartz.

The characters of this series are famous for their things. Here is the list of the Main Cast and major supporting Cast, Supporting cast.

Major Supporting Cast:

  • Matthew Moy as ‘Lars Barriga
  • Kate Micucci as Sadie Miller
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Lion
  • Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
  • Susan Egan as Rose Quartz
  • Erica Luttrell as Sapphire

Supporting Cast:

  • Billy Merritt as Mr. Fryman
  • Atticus Shaffer as Peedee Fryman
  • Joel Hodgson as Bill Dewey
  • Brian Posehn as Sour Cream
  • Zach Callison as Onion
  • Tom Scharpling as Yellowtail
  • Jackie Buscarino as Vidalia
  • Reagan Gomez-Preston as Kiki Pizza and Jenny Pizza

All of these casts have played their roles very well in all of the episodes.

Watch Steven Universe All Episodes and Season Full Details:

Steven Universe is widely popular anime web series across the world. Each episode of steven universe takes approximately 10-12 months to produce it and release officially. All of the episodes of this series has received critical acclaim award for its music and great voice performances. The first season was aired on November 4, 2013 with two episodes. Then later, all other season and episodes were aired seeing the popularity of Steven Universe. Here is the list of season and the details of episodes produced in every season.

Season 1 of Steven Universe:

Season 1 Episode 2: Laser Light Cannon

Season 1 Episode 22: Steven and the Stevens

Season 1 Episode 32: Fusion Cuisine

Season 1 Episode 35: Lion 3: Straight To Video

Season 1 Episode 37: Alone Together

Season 1 Episode 43: Maximum Capacity

Season 1 Episodes 51-52: The Return/Jail Break

Talking about the Season 1 of Steven Universe, it has gained popularity with only its two episodes that was aired on November 4. 2013.

  • Season 1 has total of 52 episodes in it. The main three episodes which were scheduled to be aired during Season 2 were “Open Book”, “Shirt Club”, and “story for Steven”.
  • Season 1 of Steven universe ran from November 4, 2013 to around March 12, 2015. They have a winter hiatus between December 2, 2013 and January 13, 2014. Summer hiatus between May 14 and August 21, 2014.
  • The last five episodes of Season 1 Steven Universe premiered from March 9 to March 12. All of these five episodes were a part of Steven Bomb.
  • Season 1 has some of the episodes that were rescheduled and aired on March and April 2015.
  • In the first episode, Steven thinks of ice cream sandwiches that are the trick to get magic shield.

Summary of season 1 includes the Gem glow after activating Steven’s Gem. The Crystal gems also attempts to teach them how to get his weapon. Steven and his father use that weapon that was left behind by Rose Quartz that saved Beach City from getting destructed. Steven accidentally cause a mascot costume to come to their life using Gem Shards.

Season 2 of Steven Universe:

Season 2 Episode 6: Sworn to the Sword

Season 2 Episode 17: Sadie’s Song

Season 2 Episode 22: The Answer

Season 2 was the second season of Steven Universe. This season was premiered on March 13, 2015. The beginning of the episode was “Full Disclosure”. There were new characters introduced. Season 2 went from summer hiatus after “Reformed” aired on April 30.

  • “Full Disclosure” where Steven attempts to convince Connie but not be with them anymore to protect her from danger.
  • “Joy Ride” where Steven had a fun time. Uncle Grandpa comes to help Steven master his Gem powers.
  • Steven and Connie then help Jamie with concept of love. The Crystal Gems Chase the “the slinkier” across the Crystal Temple as Amethyst reforms into many deformities.
  • Connie then trains with Pearl to become a sword fighter for Steven. Ronaldo then examines the Crystal Gems and then determines whether their inhabitance is safe for rest of Beach city or not.

There more of season 2, watch it on Kisscartoon.

Season 3 of Steven Universe:

Season 3 Episode 5: Hit the Diamond

Season 3 Episode 8: Mr. Greg

Season 3 Episode 13: Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service

 Season 3 Episode 15: Alone at Sea

Season 3 Episodes 20-21: Bismuth

Season 3 has 25 episodes that were aired on May 12, 2016. They included “Super Watermelon Island” as a part of “In too deep” event.

  • Steven sees that malachite is awakening through watermelon Steven. Excluding the Crystal gems, and Peridot, set out for Mask Island to taken them down.
  • Steven and Peridot then drills to the core to stop Cluster from getting formed.
  • Steven also helps Lapis find a new home in season 3 episodes.
  • Steven helps in forming the bond between Lapis and Peridot. The Ruby Squad considered it searching the barn for the leader in the Earth mission.
  • Steven also discovered he can float but does not know how to get back to the ground.
  • Steven discovers that he can float but does not know how to get back to the ground.
  • Steven also helped Kickstart Sour Cream’s career to become DJ. But Marty discovered Sour Cream and helped Sour Cream set out to become a great DJ.

Season 3 got a great turn in the story of Steven Universe. Watch out to know more about the story.

Season 4 of Steven Universe:

Season 4 Episode 4: Mindful Education

Season 4 Episode 6: Last One Out of Beach City

Season 4 Episode 17: Storm in the Room

Season 4 Episode 20: Room For Ruby

Season 4 Episode 25: I Am My Mom

Season 4 of Steven Universe had 25 episodes in it which were aired on August 11, 2016.

  • Peridot gets to capture the Corrupted Gem along with Steven. Smoky Quartz then tests the skills in Sardonyx’s in a late night talk show.
  • Steven and Connie read the tales of Buddy Buddwick and get to know about his adventure. Steven and Connie were educated by Garnet.
  • Steven, Pearl and Amethyst attend a concert together with Pearl encountering a Great Mystery Girl.
  • Steven meets with Onion’s and his friends. They take part in activities together.
  • Greg then tells Steven the story of his encounter done with a blizzard.
  • Steven and Greg later experience the lifestyle of Zoomans as they begin plotting an escape attempt.
  • Ronaldo Fryman then joins the crystal gems known as Bloodstone. After the Navy begs for getting her introduction into the Crystal Gems, Steven brings her to live together with Lapis and Peridot.

This was the summary of Season 4 all episodes. To know more, watch all 25 episodes now.

Season 5 of Steven Universe: Change Your Mind

Season 5 Episode 2: The Trial

Season 5 Episode 7: Raising the Barn

Season 5 Episode 9: Sadie Killer

Season 5 Episode 20: What’s Your Problem

Season 5 Episode 23: Reunited

Season 5 Episodes 29, 30, 31, and 32: Change Your Mind

Season 5 of Steven Universe includes 32 episodes which began airing on May 29, 2017.

  • Steven and Lars travel to home world and in next episode Steven is put on trial by Yellow and Blue diamond.
  • Third episode shows Steven and Lars got escape, and then they meet a group of Detective gems.
  • Lars is brought back to life. After finding that Steven has faced the Diamonds, Lapis flees from the Earth and then takes the Barn along with her.
  • Steven and Amethyst then try to spruce up the Prime Kindergarten.
  • Sadie gets to joins a band with Steven and then makes some spooky tunes.
  • Kevin throws a party to hand out with Stevonnie.

There is more to know in Season 5. Watch all episodes now.

Where to Watch Steven Universe Movies Online:

There are many websites on which you can watch all season of Steven Universe for free.

  • se
  • Xfinity Stream
  • KimCartoon
  • KissCartoon
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video

Just visit their official website and watch your favorite episode of Steven Universe.

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Final Analysis words for Steven Universe Episode by Sggreek:

All of the Watch Steven Universe Episodes has come out to be real gem. Emotionally speaking, Blue diamond’s that Steven remains in prison until he got ready to apologize. But Steven and Connie refuse to do so. Steven Universe is really an epic web series one must watch.

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