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Disadvantages of Instagram

With the increase in the presence of the internet, the audience on different social media channels started to increase. There are so many social media platforms out there, each of them has its own pros and cons. Among different social media platforms, Instagram is the top one right now. Due to its huge number of active users, people buy Instagram followers so they can quickly gain trust and authority.

Disadvantages of Instagram
Disadvantages of Instagram

This platform has a huge amount of student audience so it is essential to know how the usage of this platform can impact the students’ life. Here are some advantages & disadvantages of Instagram for students:

Instagram Advantages for Students

  1. Networking

The best thing about Instagram for students is it can help to build networks. With the presence of the internet, education has been switching from classrooms to electronic devices. Using Instagram, you can build a network with like-minded people and improve your learning. There are so many educational Instagram pages that can be really beneficial for students.

  1. Fun learning experience

Using Instagram, the students can get a fun learning experience. This is the platform where both teachers and students can create a better learning experience. It can be used for photo essays. This allows students to engage and build interest in the particular subject.

  1. Enhance project-based learning

Students can also improve project-based learning with the use of Instagram. By sharing the photos of different subjects with the students, helps to get their feedback. You and your classmates can also add comments & share thoughts on your educational post.

  1. Improve linguistic skills

Another way Instagram can help students is by improving their linguistic skills. As a student, using this tool, you can share & know opinions on different topics. This way, you learn how to articulate thoughts in a written form.

Disadvantages of Instagram

  1. More about entertainment than education

Instagram is the social media platform more about entertainment than education. You will barely find people using Instagram to get an education. For education, there are already so many websites and blogs available on the web.

  1. Communication gap

The chances of communication gaps are higher when you decide to learn about a particular subject with Instagram. Because the person seeing your Instagram comment or post description is not seeing your body language, there will be problems in communication.

  1. Instagram is not promoting educational content

No matter whether it is Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, all these platforms give very least importance & reach to educational content. Do you know the reason? Because promoting educational content will impact their revenue. People usually spend lower time on educational content and spend more time on entertainment content. This way, different social media channels will have to suffer from their profits by increasing the reach of educational content.

Every digital marketing platforms and tools have their own pros and cons. Before utilizing any digital platform for any purpose, you should have a clear idea about its pros and cons. Just like any other online platform, Instagram also has its own pros and cons for students. In short, it could be a good way to get a fun learning experience.

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