Top 20 Social Media Optimization Tool to Track and Promote or SEO Analysis Tools 2019

Top 20 Social Media Optimization Tool to Track your site:-

Doing the promotion of one’s blog, website etc. using social media networks like Facebook, Stumble Upon, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. is known as social media optimization. Getting our blog shown on social media is as important as keeping the content of our blog rich and useful as it helps to bring the maximum number of traffic to our blog.

Search Engine Optimization {SEO} Analysis Tools 2018:

Here I bring to you some useful social media optimization tools that will help the bloggers to increase the traffic to their blogs or websites. These tools should be used to get the maximum exposure for one’s websites/blogs.
1)    Google Search Console:-
Google Search Console: This tool is an important one as it helps you to visualize how your website will appear when they will be presented by a search engine. People open the search results which are appealing on sight, so one can use this to make sure their website attracts visitors.
2)    Microsoft Free SEO Toolkit:-
The Microsoft SEO Toolkit merges few tools into one. When they ate in sed together, they help in analyzing your site and provide recommendations to make your existing site more SEO friendly.
3)    Google Keyword Planner:-
This tool is of extreme use. As keywords are of utmost importance for making a site get searched easily, Google search Keyword planner gives keyword suggestions one you provide a seed word. It also displays the average of monthly searches of the very word you would provide, which will let you select your keyword with a wider knowledge.
4)    Copy Scape:-
If some content is copied and has a presence in your website, Copy Scape tool detects them. Apart from saving you from copyright claims, this helps you getting your SEO in order.
5)    SEMrush:-
SEMrush: It is a fantastic tool that allows marketers to research a competitor’s keywords, One can enter the website address of your competitor’s website and get a nice overview to check the of traffic to the site, you can search the traffic of your website as well.
6)    Built with:-
Built With: It is a website profiler tool which gives the information for a site that what technology was used to build a site. So one can use this tool to get suggestions about which technology one should use for building one’s own site.
7)    Find Broken Links:-
It reports from Ninja Internet Marketers and provides you with link insights. Find Broken Links – This includes both external and internal links which need fixing.
8)    Serps Rank Checker:-
Serps Rank Checker: To see the position of your site, this tool is used. One has to input the keyword and the website to see its rank. The other way to check the rank of your website is to leave the website field empty and have a look at top 10 websites.
9)    Web Developer Toolbar:-
It allows finding or disabling the information on a site about CSS, JavaScript, Images, Cookies and more.
10)    GTMetrix:-
Users hate web-pages and websites which take time to load. The GTMetrix is a tool which provides the service to examine the time one’s site takes to load. Not only this, it allows opportunities and help to reduce the loading time.
11)    SEO Site Checkup:-
This is a tool which helps to audit and get the information about the errors that might plague your site. In this way, it {SEO Site Checkup} makes you proactive to deal with the problems related to your site.
12)    Google Trends:-
Google trends display the search volumes for different words/topics, entities etc. One would know what word is being searched mostly regarding a topic and can thereby get updated for the improvements that needed to be done regarding their own site by being in touch with the latest trend.
13)    Redirect Path:-
This tool is used for getting to know the HTTP header and redirect errors. We errors are redirected; one does not have to waste time in finding them. Instead, the time is spent only on solving problems associated.
This keyword is one of the simplest platforms to get keyword suggestions. The one of a kind feature that this provides is that one can utilize it {} for famous platforms like YouTube, Bing, Amazon, and the App store keywords.
15)    Google Webmaster Tools:-
These tell about the perception of top search engine’s perception of your site. They are useful in getting information about alerts, bugs and indexing issues.
16)    Open Site Explorer:-
Open site explorer informs you about link analysis, including the links which make the maximum impacts coming your way,
17)    Quick Sprout:-
It is a website analyzer which tells everything important about your site. This includes SEO optimization, speed, tags, competitor comparisons etc.
18)    Schema Creator:-
It is useful as it customizes the way your search will appear. It is simple to use and one can easily make their search the way they want their search to be displayed.
19)    Similar Web:-
It is a tool mainly used for comparison and is mostly used the analyze competitor’s performance. This tool compares traffic between two websites.
20)    Cognitive SEO:-
Cognitive SEO: This fabulous tool has fantastic has a feature. One of the most alluring features that it offers is its ability to view the link profile of one’s blog/website and find one’s top four competitors which is done using Visual Link Explorer


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