Work from Home De-stressing Tips during Lockdown


Working from home has become the only alternative for most during these present times. It may not have been an ideal situation before when you had to deal with day to day traffic commuting to and from the office. The early morning rush, deadlines, and work overload are factors we would much rather do without. Many people have even had home offices built to maintain an efficient workplace at home. While there are perks to getting work done in the comfort of home, the struggle is quite real for most of us. It is that sudden break from routine that makes adapting to a new lifestyle challenging. The situation can also cause a certain amount of stress that can slowly build up if not handled properly. Too much stress can eventually cause a lot of health problems, which is why it is essential to deal with it and find ways to keep it to a minimum.

Work from Home

Here are some useful tips that can reduce the stress you feel from working at home.

Set a schedule that you can work with

The problem with working at home is that you could get too comfortable. The temptation of slipping into the bedroom to relax is quite strong. What you can do is maintain the schedule you set for yourself just like you used to do at your office. Be realistic about it. There are things to attend to at home that can disrupt your work, so set a time for those too. It is also best to incorporate breaks into your schedule. A few minutes between tasks can help you re-energize yourself before continuing to work.

Find the time to relax

Apart from breaks, you should be able to find time for yourself to relax. Stress can also be caused by being overwhelmed with the work you need to do. Nowadays, the idea of a zen room is quite useful. This is where you can have the lights dimmed, light aromatic candles, play soothing music, and have a sense of peace. You can also have a spa setting in your bathroom, invest in one of the many freestanding baths available, and pamper yourself. Finding ways to relax each day can help reduce the stress you are experiencing and improve your mood.

Keep in touch with family and office colleagues

A significant stress contributor is loneliness. After being so used to working with people around you or having get-togethers with family on weekends, it is understandable to be lonely. Fortunately, there is the internet that can help you keep in touch with people you miss online. You can set up a specific time a few days a week to see them and talk to them. You will feel much better knowing you are not alone and they are always there for you when you need to reach out. In the same manner, they will undoubtedly appreciate getting that much-needed break to converse with you and feel good too.

You can be just as efficient working at home and be happy doing it too. Appreciate the extra time you have to indulge in your favourite activities and maintain your productivity even from home.

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