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Good health constitutes the most pivotal aspect of a prosperous life for any individual, and its continual attainment will continue to be a matter of prime concern for as long as the human species chances to endure on this earthly plane. With a reliable Internet service (mediated through such ISP provisions as the Spectrum Internet Prices plan in the U.S), it becomes possible to acquire a wealth of targeted holistic (nutritional and physical exercise-related) information to achieve this end and become the Wellness Warrior of This Year.

Wellness Warrior
Wellness Warrior

A Word on the Right Kinds of Food:-

Food, of course, comprises the dominant factor in anyone’s mundane existence for begetting either ill or good health – with this discrimination largely arising out of the varieties and quantities of its consumption by the average consumer.

Human beings, on account of the varied understanding pertaining to the Paleolithic (and other) eras of their civilizational history, have largely gotten by on eating a high-protein, high-fat and low-carb dietary regimen; in a way of life dominated by scavenging and hunting primarily for animal sources of meat, and only sparingly indulging in sweet fruit-endowed natural sugars.

The health profiles that resulted from consuming such foods resulted in leaner, more nimble, mentally active and functionally efficient individuals, who despite the technological and ideological unsophistication characteristic of their time, still managed to be more productive on a day-to-day basis.

They led more fulfilled lives, which lasted longer than the average Homo sapiens crowd of today.

Many modern nutritional authorities, as well as scores of popular diet books, advocate following this eating regimen – in order to cope with the unprecedented increases in daily pressure and competition that comes as an existential condition of the new world.

How Factors Other than Food are just as important:-

But diet alone cannot guarantee sustained good health for anyone – as achieving a generalized semblance of well-being requires adhering to a comprehensive physical and psychologically active functional schedule as well.

In this post, we’ll list 5 of the most common ways in which any individual can develop into a Wellness Warrior this year: a person who constantly guards him/herself against the ravages of ill-health and waning activity dynamics. Such individuals, as is unsurprising, prove to be definitive assets to their personal (family) and relatively detached social communities – because they manage to get more work done on account of their stellar physical integrity and mentally active dispositions.

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So if you’re interested in joining their ranks, you’d be wise to consider the points outlined below.

Because being in good health is fun – and provides the impetus for further good living!

1.   Get with the Program – and Keep it Simple:-

Keeping things simple, and going with what your gut tells you is naturally the first advice that we’d like to dispense with.

Most of the time, people just seem to know the reason (metabolic culprits) behind their ill-health, and by only listening to their body’s signaling, can attempt to curb such bad habits. No professional therapist, or shrink, is required for these bouts of everyday diagnoses. But in instances of serious health concerns, proper care obviously has to be sought.

So if you want to lose weight, bulk up on some muscle, or want to get rid of your smoking and/or nail-biting habit, you need to familiarize yourself with some relevant knowledge on these issues (gleaned from the specialists), break it down into simple, observable principles, and start following them in your daily life.

And not make things complicated any more than they need to be.

2.   Dump that Junk (‘Food’) – Totally:-

We consider junk food to be anything that comes loaded with simple sugars (refined, high-glycemic carbohydrates), Trans (hydrogenated) fats, and GM proteins – basically the bulk of the ‘foodstuffs’ that you tend to find in supermarkets these days. These kinds of eatables, although they may be cheaply bought, and could be good to taste, are definite no-nos as far as any health warrior is concerned – because they give rise to all kinds of nasty inflammatory conditions (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, etc.) through their unchecked consumption.

Even taking a little of these bad boys could have severe health repercussions for some people.

In return, we advocate that people should only consume organic foods in their natural, unrefined forms (of the varieties mentioned in the preceding paragraphs) – and should only resort to industrialized food variants in emergency scenarios.

3.  Keep Track of those Daily Vitamins & Minerals:-

Ensuring that your daily intake of vitamins and minerals is on point constitutes one of the cardinal pillars of good health. Most of these necessary health compounds can be acquired from a comprehensive range of fruits, vegetables and herbs – while the remainder can be assimilated from different varieties of animal protein (provided you’re not a strict vegetarian).

Take special care to keep yourself loaded (through supplementation) on the key water-soluble vitamins B and C – as these tend to be depleted from the body on a daily basis. Mineral compounds like Magnesium, Zinc, Iron and Potassium (among others) should be taken as per their age/sex/body weight prescribed RDA values.

4.   Load Up on the H2O:-

Phoenix IV treatment at home, as well as treatments in other cities, is a convenient way to address two health targets at once. It can help you rehydrate and get the essential vitamins you need to support your overall health and wellness.

Drinking enough water to keep the body’s systems working in their proper state is one of the most important things that a person can do to keep their organs functioning optimally. The standard medical prescription of drinking at least about 8 (250 ml) glasses of water in a day is important to follow for keeping the body adequately (though not fully) hydrated – in compensation for the amount that it loses through urination, perspiration, breath exhalation, and the utilization of H20 molecules in internal chemical processes.

5.   Take the Time to Meditate – and Center Yourself:-

Meditation (whether it’s done on account of some religious stipulation, or secular one) is one of the best ways in which busy individuals (contending with the day-to-day rigors of modern life) can attain some semblance of a respite. The practice of forcefully calming yourself has been linked to therapeutic decreases in mean blood pressure, serotonin and dopamine markers – all of which have a direct bearing on the individual’s stress levels.

Even a sustained 15 minutes of constant mediation daily can have a remarkable impact on the life of the average health warrior.

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