Day: January 27, 2020

Technology Tips

Understanding the difference between the Photostick Mobile and a Flash Drive

A photostick is a device that is made in a way that is convenient to enable you to back up your files in the shortest time possible. It is similar to a flash disk that you might already have. When you attach a photostick mobile to your computer, it will show the same way a […]

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What Processes Can a CNC Milling Machine Do?

Tool milling requires sharp precision and utmost accuracy. When you have clients asking you to fabricate custom tools and parts for specific uses, you have no room for error. That’s what computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling machines are perfect for. These machines make these otherwise mentally taxing tasks 100% automated, and five times faster than […]

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10 Dresses That Can Be Worn to University

University brings an exciting and fun time in a person’s life, and you get the chance to explore yourself and find out your style. However, choosing the perfect outfit every day can become a hassle. For university, most people like to stick with a casual or semi-casual look. Therefore, if you are going shopping for […]

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