Understanding the difference between the Photostick Mobile and a Flash Drive

A photostick is a device that is made in a way that is convenient to enable you to back up your files in the shortest time possible. It is similar to a flash disk that you might already have. When you attach a photostick mobile to your computer, it will show the same way a flash does. You will then open it and drag all your photos on it. In this era, portable storage is not a new thing at all.

difference between the Photostick Mobile and a Flash Drive
difference between the Photostick Mobile and a Flash Drive

Learn more about this at www.holgadirect.com/photostick-mobile-review/. Days of floppy diskettes and compact discs are long gone and in today’s world, you can easily store your work on a photo stick or a flash disk. 

Knowing more about a flash disk

A USB flash disk is a device that you can utilize to store data. It comes with a flash memory plus a universal serial bus interface that is incorporated into it. The data which you store into it can be reused, removed and rewritten. You can use it on any device which has a USB port making it a storage device that is quite versatile.

It comes with a USB connector that has an inside rubber case for electrical insulation and it is well protected. Inside the casing on the surface, it has integrated circuits mounted with a small circuit board that is printed. The flash comes in various specifications which include:

  • USB 1.0: It is a low-speed type of flash disk which transfers data at 1.5 megabytes per second. There are the same specs with a high speed transferring data at 12Mbps.
  • USB 2.0: It is at times referred to as a high-speed flash disk, transferring data at a speed of 480Mbps
  • USB 3.0: Also referred to as a SuperSpeed USB that was launched in 2008, transferring data at the rate of 5 gigabits per second.
  • USB 4.0: It has a higher transfer speed making it a reliable storage device.


This is not a general term for a particular device but a trademark name that is used to refer to a device that has the capacity of transferring and storing photos. It is similar to a USB flash disk in terms of appearance. When you use it, it will locate pictures and videos on your laptop or computer. All you need to do is to ensure that you have plugged it in and then go ahead and select the Go that will appear on your computer screen.

Apart from the above, it will be able to get any duplicate video or photo and delete it. In the process, it will save you on time which you could have taken to check your photos one by one, looking for duplicates. When you unplug the photostick, all the photos will be saved automatically on the device. The functions of this device can either be performed by dedicated software or a skilled user.

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Functions of the photo stick

  • Ensure that all duplicate videos and photos are deleted automatically
  • Ensure that all the photos found on the computer or laptop are saved automatically
  • Does the organization of the photos on its own
  • With a single click, it finds all the media which is present on your computer or laptop.

The difference between a flash disk and a photo stick

The difference between the two is pretty obvious with the major one being that the photo stick is designed to transfer and store videos and photos. It doesn’t have the capability to detect any other files apart from videos and photos. As for the flash disk, it is removable as well as portable, which you can use to transfer any type of data. There is no restriction when it comes to the usage of the flash disk as far as transfer and storage of files are concerned.

As for the photo stick, it comes loaded with dedicated software which performs all the storage and scanning of the media. But for the USB flash disk, it is a device that is open and you can install in it any type of software.

The photo stick is believed to be more user-friendly and reliable as compared to the USB flash disk. You will save a lot of time while using the photo stick as you only need just one click and the work is done. But if you are working with general data, then a USB flash might be what you should go for.

If you deal with a lot of media on a day to day bases such as a journalist or photographer,  then you should definitely settle for a Photo Stick. From the above, both USB flash disk and photo stick are important devices with their unique differences though from the outside, they resemble each other.

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