Here is why you need everyone in your family covered by Health Insurance

Our families provide us love, protection, security and emotional support. We seek financial success so we can provide better resources for our family. Our feeling of love towards our family inspires us to provide them with all sorts of comforts and security.

You can never predict when ill health falls on any of your family members which results in the exhaustion of all your life savings in the expensive treatments. It is, hence, extremely important that we secure ourselves financially to deal with such calamitous contingencies. Let us delve a little deeper to grasp the importance of covering our entire family with health insurance.

why you need everyone in your family covered by Health Insurance
why you need everyone in your family covered by Health Insurance

Why should the whole family be covered by health insurance?

Thanks to the awareness campaigns run by the government and health insurance companies, people are now becoming more aware of the benefits of having a good health insurance policy. However, it is still a common trend for the earning male member to carry health insurance but not extend the same kind of cover for the entire family. Well, the fact is that your family members are as likely to be struck by a medical contingency as you and the expenses for treatment will most likely need to be borne by you.

As our lifestyles have changed, resulting in bad eating habits and more stress, our immunity has gone down and we have become more vulnerable to all sorts of illnesses. So, it is not just the older people who are more likely to fall sick. This drop-in our immunity level means that children, youngsters, working-age males and females are all as likely to be struck with medical emergencies. In the face of such health risks, it is no longer enough for just you to carry health insurance. You need to get health insurance for your spouse, kids and parents as well.

Let us look at the health care needs of our family to understand how they will benefit from having health insurance coverage.

Why do kids need health insurance cover?

Your kid is the apple of your eye. Forget medical emergencies, can you imagine your kids falling even a little bit sick? Imagine what would happen if they were to meet with an accident or fall seriously ill. Statistics show that teenagers and infants are more likely to get into such calamities. All kids go through those occasional fractures, ailments and illnesses that need immediate medical attention resulting in heavy expenses. You can blame it on weak immunity or raging hormones, but you cannot escape the medical expenses. Ensuring that your kids are covered by a good health insurance plan would come in very handy in meeting the medical expense deduction and availing of the best treatment.

Why do your old parents need to be covered by health insurance?

Most senior citizens are struck by lifestyle diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. This makes them more susceptible to falling sick and getting struck by medical emergencies. Old age takes a toll on their bodies and increases their chances of falling prey to diseases. This makes it very important for you to ensure that your parents are covered with good health insurance. In case they were to fall ill, the health insurance plan will foot a major part of medical expenses and you will not be financially stretched.

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Make health insurance part of your investment portfolio

We all strive to build a strong investment portfolio for ourselves. Stocks, shares, life insurance, gold, bonds, real estate and other such items form an integral part of our investment portfolio. As you plan out your investment portfolio, do not forget to include health insurance as one of the components to secure your future. A carefully picked health insurance plan will be a huge protection for your finances in case of any kind of medical contingency to any member of your family.

It should now be clear to you that you need to ensure health insurance coverage for your entire family. So, go ahead and protect your future.

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