Why Do Dentists Use Concave Mirrors?

Dentists Use Concave Mirrors

Have you ever paid a visit to a dentist and noted what are the tools that they use? Well, most of you will see that there is one thing that remains stagnant across most dentistry clinics and that is the usage of a concave mirror. 

Be it a dentist in Knox or even a dentist in Bendigo, usage of a concave mirror remains quite fixed and hence it might make many people wonder what are these actually used for? 

Each and every dentist has their very own set of tools and in most cases, they tend to use their personal kit so that they have access to each and every requirement very easily. 

But irrespective of who the dentist is, you will see that the concave mirror is used by all and that too quite regularly. This might stir some inquisitiveness among people as to why they are used so popularly and exactly what the concave mirror in a dentist’s chamber aid in. We are here to help you with the same so that you have no doubts!

What Does One Mean By A Concave Mirror?

Before we go forward and help you to understand what are the benefits of using a concave mirror and that too by a dentist, it is very important that we first understand what one means by a concave mirror. The most simple explanation for a concave mirror is that it is a slightly curved mirror. 

Unlike other mirrors which are usually straightforward or plain in nature, these mirrors have a certain bit of curve at the posterior section. It is said that the mirror in this case has a reflective surface that has been turned inwards and is hence not near the source of the light. 

If you try to make a difference between a concave and a convex mirror then the first thing that you will notice is that the image shown in a concave mirror tends to differ depending on the distance between the object and the mirror. 

Concave mirrors are used very widely and one of the most prominent uses that we have just mentioned is seen in that of the dentist’s chamber. We will try to go in-depth and analyze exactly why dentists use this kind of mirror and how it helps them in surgical or even diagnostic operations. 

Why Do Dentists Use Concave Mirrors?

Now you come to the most important part of the discussion, which is understanding why dentists use this kind of mirror on a daily basis irrespective of where they are practicing.

  • Better and Clear Image

One of the most important and prominent reasons behind using a concave mirror by a dentist is that it ensures that the picture is much more enlarged and magnified. 

Automatically when the picture is magnified the dentist is able to have a better view of the teeth and the mouth. This essentially gives them an idea as to what is the exact problem and also a basic idea about what are the major causes of the same. 

When the image in the mirror is much clearer and larger, it is automatically convenient for the dentist and helps them in making a more precise diagnosis as to what is the problem that the patient might be facing. It is primarily due to this reason that this kind of mirror is often used during surgery as well.

  • No Inverted Image

Unlike most other forms of a mirror where you are able to visualize only the inverted image, that is not the case with a concave mirror and you are able to get the real image without any kind of distortions. 

Visualizing the inverted image can be difficult and hence it can lead to minor errors in the diagnosis as well. This means that the dentist is able to see exactly the real picture and that automatically helps them as well.

The use of concave mirrors is quite popular among dentists and this is primarily due to the advantages that it puts forward. In each and every dentist’s chamber you will see that there is extensive use of concave mirrors only and they do not tend to advocate the use of convex mirrors at all.

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