5 Steps To Determine Which Mattress Best Fits For Renovating Your Bedroom

In many households, the main living room takes the biggest chunk of the budget and time in terms of furnishing. Unfortunately, this means the bedroom is usually the last to get furnished or decorated. If this is the case with your bedroom, then you can consider buying a new mattress. Since a mattress is the most significant investment you will be making when making some renovations, below are 5 steps to determine which mattress best fits you.

Which Mattress Best Fits For Renovating Your Bedroom
Which Mattress Best Fits For Renovating Your Bedroom
  1. Type of Mattress

The first consideration you should take when choosing a mattress is the specific type of mattress that best suits your needs. Of late, foam and coils have been made famous and for a good reason. For those desiring a traditional feel and want a mattress that supports more weight, coils are great choices. Memory foam or latex, on the other hand, offer contour engineering that molds into your body providing great back support; hence, it’s truly relaxing. Whether you are considering to purchase one after assessing between various brands like Leesa vs. Amerisleep (mattress comparison), ensure you choose a mattress type that fits your sleeping needs.

2. Your Budget

Truth be told, a high-quality mattress is not cheap. You should be ready to spend a significant amount of money on a good mattress. As a result, be ready to pay between $800 and $1,000.  As mattress technology has come a long way to ensure you get a restful night. Budget enough money to purchase a luxury mattress. Going cheaper not only means that you will have a mattress that will let you down in no time, but it also means that you risk purchasing a mattress that will strain your body when you should be resting.

3. Firmness Level of mattress

Ideally, when choosing a mattress, you need to consider the type of mattress that will offer sufficient support for your back.  However, not every firm mattress level is ideal. Some mattresses can be so hard that they strain the back leading to backaches. Most body types do well with a firmness range between 5 to 7 /10 range as they are great for most sleeping positions. Side sleepers, on the other hand, need a softer mattress. Now, you can order the best bed in a box for side sleepers online, and have it delivered to you quickly.

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4. Your Sleeping Positions

Sleeping position consideration again comes into play on the kind of mattress you should choose. If you tend to sleep on your stomach, choosing an enveloping mattress will feel suffocating to you as you will sink into the bed. However, a traditional coil mattress will also feel quite strenuous on side sleepers. If you are unsure, stick to a deer innerspring mattress,  a firm foam mattress or an air-filled mattress for maximum support and comfort.

5. Your Weight And Body Type

Pay keen attention to your body type and weight when choosing a mattress to invest in. If you are a bit heavier, choose a mattress with sufficient support foams. This is to ensure you don’t sink into the mattress or the mattress does not fall apart after a short period.

For maximum support, mattresses are engineered with pressure points reinforced for specific body types. Make inquiries or research whether the mattress you desire is suitable for your body type. Overall, for optimal comfort, ensure that the mattress you choose can conform to your body shape as you sleep.


 As seen above, you need to take into consideration your needs when choosing a mattress. As it’s a large investment, ensure that you take sufficient time and consider what you really need.  Resist the temptation of going cheap and select one that is of high quality and will last you years.

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