Top 12 Sites to Send Free SMS Text Message from PC To Mobile

Top 12 Sites to Send Free SMS Text Message from PC To Mobile:-

SMS messages have always been an important source of communication through texts. There are many platforms and apps to exchange messages and information through texts and various other ways. Even after that, SMS is the thing that has most legitimacy associated with it. Most of the companies give preference to SMS for sending information and to establish communication with their clients. 
There are many websites which help the sender to send SMS through PC, but this information is not yet known to many people. Here is a list of 12 such websites using which you can send free SMS from PC to mobile phones.
1)    160by2:-
This website stands among one of the popular websites in India that allows free SMS to any mobile through PC free of cost. 160by2 also lets users redirect SMS to other countries like UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Kuwait and Saudi Ara.
2)    Way2SMS:-
Before sending messages using Way2SMS one needs to register themselves on the site. It also makes user convey a group text.
3)    Ultoo:-
This website is not very known in India, but it is slowly appearing in the arena. This site also empowers users to recharge their mobile servicer and in the back, they enable credit points to the utilizer.
4)    Site2SMS:-
Site2SMS is seizing hold of the attention of most of the youngsters in India as it not only provides free SMS option but also renders online voice calls to any mobile phone. One does not even need to register for availing the services in this site.
5)    A Free SMS:-
New websites for sending SMS to mobile phones are blooming and ‘A Free SMS’ is one among them. This site sanction utilizers to redirect unlimited SMS to mobiles.
6)    SMS Fi:-
SMS Fi is a little non-identical website than others on the internet as it propounds varied non-identical type of a-typical resources. This site does  not only allows you to send free SMS to any mobile but also you receive all kind of news from India as well as international
7) is not a well-known website in India, and it shows delivery with the real-time feature. It renders everyone to send unlimited SMS to any mobiles in India although but has the limitation of characters to 160. The best feature of this site is that it does not promote any adds.
This working on this website in the same way like others, but it has a curb that one can only send a text to a mobile phone located only in India.
9)    FOOSMS:-
Foosms: It is an idiosyncratic free SMS site, which allows individual to release limitless text to any phone in India and that too sans any registration.
10)    SMSKWIK:-
This site not only restricts user with the facility to give free SMS to any mobiles phone in India but also one can even receive alerts for many offers.
11)    SendSMSNow:-
SMSloop is an emanating website which follows all the rule imposed by TRAI. It facilitates the user to render endless SMS without any monthly cap.
12)    FreeSMS8:


This is a free SMS text message service site that offers multiple types of SMS service to its customers. Apart from standard SMS services, it even facilitates users to send or buy mobile and book cab.

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