Three Fundamental elements of Web Design you got to balance!

What’s the difference between a highly engaging website and a just an average website? Well, the difference between the former and the latter websites lies in the five core web design elements.

If you are to have an interactive and engaging website, make sure you keep these three important elements in precise balance:

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The Balance between Form and Function:

This is really important, especially because most of the web designs overdo or under-do one of these elements.

The question; should a website be more aesthetically appealing or more viable?

The answer: Both.

You definitely want your website to be visually appealing and elegant, however, not all visitors are attracted by visual appeals. There are many users who prefer to deal with websites that are made with a practical approach. They want an easily navigable website that has convenient internal links and clear call-to-action.


Remember, a brilliantly designed website with the most intriguing web design but a flawed or cluttered navigation might be eligible for winning customers but not the visitors. Contrarily, a highly functional website with odd, outdated design will simply turn-off the visitors as soon as they visit the landing page.

So, the smart designers create the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics to produce a highly engaging website.

A Website for Humans and Bots

Even the most exquisitely designed websites are destined to doom, provided they aren’t able to rank higher in the search engines.

What does this mean?

Well, this means that you need a website that doesn’t just engage humans at the front but also be able to interact and engage search engine crawlers at the backend.

For human engagement, the website should follow a streamline flow, with engaging content, and interactive design. The overall flow of the web design and content should be in a natural flow that can be skimmed through easily. Most users don’t want to spend much time on a website and tend to jump to the other website provided they aren’t able to interact with web design within first few seconds. Thereby, keep your web design content in a manner that engages users from the first instance.

From Bot perspective, the search engine crawlers are skimming through your web design content at the backend. They want to know the purpose and content of each of your page to be able to index them. That’s why it is compulsory or web designers to utilize all available search engine resources at their hand, like incorporating meta-data to optimizing the images to make them SEO friendly.


Now, this might not have been of such importance a year ago, however, today having a mobile-friendly web design is a compulsion and an obligation.

Google has already put forward its verdict in favor of mobile-friendly web designs. The company has just rolled-out it’s first-ever mobile-first indexing, which gives mobile-friendly web design an advantage over others.

Now, mobile-friendly web design isn’t just important from search engine perspective, rather it is just common-sense to go with the wind. Today, a number of mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. This means, suppose you want to market web design Auckland service, there are more people on mobile searches to target than on desktop searches. Thereby, if you miss out on web design Auckland for mobile devices, you are actually missing out a larger chunk of the market – simply put, you are losing.

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