Things to Know Before Buying A 12 Inch Speaker

12 Inch Speaker

Speakers come in several sizes. There are usually between 8 and 15-inches. When asking around, people will always tell a person to pick between 12 inches and 15-inches. On the contrary, people still tend to pick up the more prominent speakers expecting them to produce more sound. However, the bigger a person goes, the less, the crispier sounds will be. This tradeoff comes as the quality and the level of the bass increases. Therefore, when someone is going to buy 12 inch speakers, several considerations should come to mind. Here are some of the crucial things that all should know before opting for the popular 12-inch speakers.

12 Inch Speaker
12 Inch Speaker


When it comes to preference and selection of 12-inch speakers, there are several lessons to pick up. Speakers that are 12-inches have their own unique capabilities. They can emit their own levels of frequencies. This narrows down preference to another critical element; brands. Different companies have different manufacturing techniques and abilities. These are factors that all buyers should be keen on. The build quality on its own is something one should select according to preference, whether a person would like a wooden look or a rich metallic finish.

A complement to the surrounding is also part of preference. One may want their speakers to match their carpets if kept at home. Generally, how good the speaker looks will generate a whole other different level of mood. Lastly, a preference for sound quality should be a significant determinant. Some people like the higher frequencies to be more empowered, while others love when the lower frequencies are dominant. Manufacturing companies have their beliefs as well, and one should stick to one that has the same ideals as them. A balanced feel of the two can also be achieved.


What a person uses the speakers for should determine a lot. Before an individual buys 12 inch speaker, the primary usage should be considered. 12-inch speakers perform best in Vocals, acoustic guitar, CD player, light keyboards, small/med venues. Despite being on the higher frequency variant, the speakers are the best balanced. It doesn’t leave off much of the higher nor, the lower frequencies. This is the reason that people use it in events and venues. It can switch up from a music system to a PA system where speech can be well heard.

Difference To 15-inch Speakers

Some people leave out 12-inch speakers, falling in love with the much bigger 15-inch speakers. However, there are sectors that 12-inch speakers will dominate 15-inch speakers. 12 inch speaker are crisper in sound, giving the right balance. 15-inch speakers, on the other hand, are best for bass and kick drums. They are better off being used as subwoofers. People shouldn’t pick speakers based on their size, but by the function they expect it to be used for.

All in all, 12-inch speakers are some of the most convenient. They can be used for several different functions, drawing more balanced effects than the other sizes. It is advisable to know all the different characteristics before buying a speaker.

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