3 Key Security Tips to Protect Your Customer’s Data

Security Tips to Protect Customer Data

Customers’ data protection is the best investment you could make for your customers and your business growth. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you could be putting your customers at risk and setting up your business to failure. Below, we will discuss three security tips that will help keep your customer’s data protected and help you beat the competition, and improve your chances for success.

Use Advanced Data Collection Tools

When collecting your customer’s data, you need to ensure that the process is as safe and secure as possible. You could use advanced tools to help you collect the information without compromising security.

If your customers use their credit cards to purchase goods or services through your website, your website must enter all of their financial information on a payment gateway integrated into your website. The payment gateway has to be encrypted so that the information cannot be compromised by hackers or anyone else trying to steal it. However, if they’re buying in-person, you can integrate your POS system with an ID scanning app to minimize the leak of their crucial data to third-party sites.

You can also use advanced tools like captcha on web forms and surveys for customers to fill out with their data. This will help reduce spam, but it will also protect the form from being filled out by bots that could collect the data and misuse it.

Another layer of protection you can put in place is two-factor authentication, which requires customers to input a unique code they receive on their phone or email to access their account. This will help keep your customer’s data safe even if their password is compromised.

Minimize or Eliminate Data Silos

Data silos are a big problem in any business. Even if you’re not actively collecting customer data, there’s likely some scattered around your company on different employee computers or servers that are outdated and unused. To help protect yourself against future leaks of sensitive information, try minimizing silos by consolidating all relevant data into one centralized database where it can be easily accessed and monitored.

Use VPNs for Data in Transit

If you’re concerned about your data being compromised in transit, then consider using an authentic VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) uses an encrypted tunnel to protect the data moving between two points of contact on either side of it.

A VPN may be used to help protect your transmission when typing in passwords or making purchases with credit cards on unsecured networks. VPNs are the safest options because they can keep you safe from prying eyes, even if they monitor traffic at either endpoint. While many starters prefer using free VPNs, this is never a good idea as most of these options never meet the user’s security needs. Paid VPNs are always a better option in terms of quality and service.

Protecting your customer data is a good way of building trust and confidence. Customers need to know that their data is secure in the hands of your business. This way, you can rest assured you’ll build a pool of loyal customers and get more business. The above three tips should set you in the right direction.

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