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Car theft is a significant problem in the United States, with an estimated 773,139 motor vehicles stolen in 2020. This equates to a rate of about 228 thefts per 100,000 people, according to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau. This can have serious consequences for car owners, including financial loss and the inconvenience of being without a vehicle. In addition to the cost of replacing the stolen vehicle, car owners may also face higher insurance premiums as a result of the theft.

Luckily, there is a solution to this highly-concerning issue that can help protect your vehicle to the maximum. CarLock, a smart GPS car tracking and car monitoring solution, can provide a range of features, designed to increase the security, awareness, and health of your car. 

Let’s take a closer look at all that CarLock can offer!


The CarLock device operates as a GPS locator, allowing you to keep tabs on the real-time whereabouts of your vehicle. You can monitor the location of your car from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and access to the CarLock app. This feature comes in handy in case of theft, as you can track the vehicle’s location and inform the police. But location tracking can also be useful in other ways.

For instance, if you have a teenager who drives, you can use the tracker and its alerts to ensure they are not going places they shouldn’t be.

CarLock Tracker
CarLock Tracker

Additionally, you can view the vehicle’s route history, check its health reports, including if the battery is low, and get notifications on how the vehicle is being driven.


CarLock provides various notifications, related to security, awareness, and vehicle health. It can alert car owners if the car engine has been started, or if the car is being tampered with or moved without the owner’s knowledge. It can also provide the car’s location at all times. It can even send alerts if the device has been removed from the OBD port, which is the main advantage of the CarLock system!


CarLock can provide the owner with information about their driving habits, such as how hard they are braking or if they’re accelerating too quickly. This can help anyone become more aware of their driving and make adjustments to drive more safely.


CarLock actively monitors the car’s battery and provides information regarding the battery status. It sends immediate alerts in the event of a low battery or an unusual drain of the battery. 


CarLock can keep track of the routes taken by the car and provide the owner with a record of these routes. This can be useful for tracking business expenses or simply keeping a record of personal travel.


One of the main differences between a standard car tracker and CarLock is in the type of security notifications that are provided. With a standard car tracker, you may only receive notifications when the car is moved or when the engine is started. These notifications can be useful, but they do not provide a complete picture of what is happening with the car.

On the other hand, Carlock provides a range of security notifications that are specifically designed to alert the owner of any unusual activity or problems with their car. For example, in addition to the standard notifications for when the car is moved or the engine is started, CarLock also sends a tamper alert if someone tries to remove the device from the car and a vibration alert if the car is bumped or jostled.


The system consists of a device that can be installed in a car through the OBD and enables accessing car-related data through a mobile app and a web app

The CarLock device is a small device that plugs into the car’s OBD II port. It is responsible for collecting data about the car and its environments, such as the location of the car, the speed at which it is traveling, and the status of the car battery. The device communicates this data through the CarLock cloud to mobile and web apps, where it is used to provide the various features of the CarLock system. It uses GPS and GSM technology to track the position of the vehicle as well as send alerts on any unusual activity happening with the car.

The mobile app allows the owner of the car to access the features of the CarLock system from their smartphone. This includes being able to see the location of the car, receive alerts about tampering or unauthorized movement of the car, view driving habits and vehicle health information, and access route history.

The web app provides similar functionality to the mobile app but can be accessed from any device with a web browser.


The CarLock installation is easy and can take just a couple of minutes. The CarLock device can be installed in a car using various options.

  • It can be plugged directly into the OBD-II port (a diagnostic port that is found in most cars manufactured after 1996). This is the most common method of installation for the CarLock device. 
  • In some cases, the OBD-II port may not be easily accessible or may be located in a position that is not suitable for the CarLock device or is too visible. In these cases, an extension cable can be used to extend the reach of the device to a more suitable location.

The device can also be connected to the car’s electrical system using a power adapter. This method is typically used when the OBD-II port is not accessible.



The CarLock Tag is a small, portable device that can be used in conjunction with the CarLock system to provide additional security features for your car. It is designed to be placed in your car (iPhone) or in your wallet (Android phone) and can be used to remotely lock and unlock your car’s position.

To use the CarLock Tag, you will need to have the CarLock device installed in your car and be connected to the CarLock mobile app. Once you have the CarLock system set up, you can pair the CarLock Tag with the system using Bluetooth. The Tag’s position ensures the CarLock device detects the Tag at any time when you’re around your car. 


CarLock is definitely a budget-friendly anti-theft and car security solution. You can get the device for around $50, and the subscription fee is less than $10 per month. For many people, having this added protection for a smaller cost than a streaming service subscription is worth it.


Given all the advantages found with CarLock, the solution is undoubtedly a useful and innovative system that can help you to increase the security, awareness, and health of your car. It can provide you with alerts about tampering or unauthorized movement of your car, help you to become a safer and more efficient driver, and keep track of the routes you have taken. Whether you are using your car for personal or business purposes, CarLock can provide you with valuable insights and peace of mind. Overall, CarLock is a valuable addition to any car and can help you to drive with confidence and security.

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