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Okay Google Assistant Commands Work

Google Assistant has now come to Android phones past Google’s own Pixel. It’s a noteworthy change to how ok Google has recently offered a search option on their phones. It’s additionally the most recent assortment of way where an individual can search with Google assistant help on Android.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google’s cutting edge method for looking with Google. Instead of giving connects to sites, Google Assistant is specially designed to have conversations with you so as to finish the errands.

Google Assistant can connect with your Android phone to do several tasks in one form, for example, setting playing music or alarms. It can even deal with some home mechanization gadgets. Okay Google has a page clarifying different kinds of activities here. You can ask Google Assistant for general inquiries.

The best thing about utilizing Google on your cell phone is voice directions. By using your voice you can get your gadget to do a wide range of things for your sake. It’s quick, advantageous, and still feels somewhat like what’s to come. The total rundown of “okay Google command” directions and perfect applications has developed extensively after some time, which means there are many things you can do with Google that you’re not even aware of. To discover more, look out more in our article on How OK Google voice commands works.

If you have an Android gadget, and you want to turn on the “OK Google” so you can begin utilizing this feature without tapping the microphone symbol.

Hey google open assistant settings

Google Assistant is your personal assistant. The assistant can stream music to you, schedule reminders, track your flight and much more. Here’s some options you can use to use Assistant with just your voice.

It’s as simple as saying “OK Google” or swipe upwards from the right or left corner when using Pixel devices. Other Android users may make use of the power/sleep buttons to start Google Assistant, therefore pressing it for a short time will trigger Google Assistant in a lot of situations. If you’re using iOS devices, launch Google Assistant. Google Assistant app.

Open the Google Assistant settings > Scroll down to “Hey Google and Voice to Search”

Google Assistant is the software giant’s voice assistant, and it is its alternative to Siri from Apple. Siri or Alexa from Amazon. Alexa. You can talk to Assistant about everything, and it’ll recognize your questions in relation to the context providing useful results that are delivered in a conversational style.

Here’s how to switch off or turn on the Google Assistant on or off

First step:On the screen of your Android smartphone or tablet type “Hey Google, open Assistant settings.”

Step 2. Under “All Settings,” tap General.

Step 3. Turn Google Assistant on or off.


Step 1. Start the Google app , and then tap another time to show three dots on the lower toolbar.

Step 2. Next, select “Settings” to display an entirely new menu.

Step 3. Then, tap “Google Assistant” and then head to Assistant.

Step 4: Under “Assistant devices,” select “Phone.”

Step 5: Lastly, click the toggle button to shut off the Google Assistant.

Google Assistant suggestions and tips

The tips listed below were created using an Google Pixel phone that runs Android 12, but they can be used on other compatible Google Assistant phones as well, which includes most Android phones also, and iOS devices running an installed Google Assistant app. The settings menus in various places, but.

To help you understand what Assistant can do on your phone, we’ve put together some expert advice and tricks. If you own the Google Home or a Nest Google Home device, we’ve created an specific tips and tricks section that you can use to maximize the use of the devices.

Getting started

When you get your Assistant app on your phone, you’ll be required to use Google Assistant and “OK Google” continuously-on voice recognition. You’ll be required to set up the “OK Google” voice model in order that your phone is able to recognize your voice anytime and then activate Google Assistant to serve your requirements (whether it’s playing music or get the weather forecast or any other).

Nearly every Android phone comes with Assistant already installed right from the beginning in the present and if you’re using an newest Android phone you’re likely to have a good chance that you’ve got access to Google’s voice-activated assistant already. Actually, when you first install your phone, it’ll guide you through the fundamentals of how to get to grips with the technology.

What are ok google and okay google command?

Google associates with a savvy voice search that is known from the name of Okay Google command. The command furnishes an individual with all the things they want to know without using an app or tying with their hands. One can search for flight data, updates, application search and more with just one click of okay Google right away! The okay Google Voice commands List has also made the life easier and simpler by eliminating the retro fashion of opening an application and by composing things on your own.

How to use the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the better approach to associate with Google and is generally a souped-up adaptation of the now-resigned Google Now. It has a similar internet searcher and learning chart underneath, however with another interface that resembles a message string.

One of the fundamental thoughts behind having a conversational style of collaboration with Google isn’t so you can just appreciate chatting to Google, yet the significance of its context. For instance, in case you’re conversing with somebody about a conceivable gig and need to go for some food heretofore you can ask to ok Google command and further it will give you accommodating data on which restaurant you can go and on how further it is.

You can use google assistant help for a wide range of things, huge numbers of which are existing directions like setting an alarm or making an update. It goes further however so you can get it to recall a bicycle lock mix in case you have forgotten it.

How to turn on Ok Google Now?

  1. Open your App Drawer, and open the Google application, at that point tap the more (hamburger menu) in the corner, and go to Settings. Then again, you can go to Settings > Google > Search.
  2. Tap on Voice > Voice Match, and turn on Access with Voice Match. You may likewise need to flip on Unlock with Voice Match on the off chance that you’d like to h use the “OK, Google” even in case when your phone is locked.
  3. Follow the directions to prepare your phone to react to your voice.
  4. If you’re experiencing difficulty when you say “OK, Google,” and it doesn’t appear to work for you, at that point you can have a look on to the tapping Retrain voice model, or Delete voice model and set it up once more.

Since it’s turned on, we can start using “okay, Google.” Let’s examine all the various headings you can Use of google assistant with your device. You ought to just say “okay, Google,” and Google now will start checking out your search results. You can by and large tap the recipient image and issue a voice request in case you lean toward not to use the “okay, Google” feature, or you can tap the supported image at the base left and type your inquiries. Below we are listing on how ok Google Voice commands works basically on this which you would like to ask on daily purpose.

Searching and ask questions

  • “How old is [name]?”
  • “Who designed [anything you need to find].”
  • “How tall is [name of individual or building].”
  • “What nation is [anything you need to find] in?”
  • “Will it rain today or tomorrow?”
  • “How far is [any business you need to find] from here?”
  • “What’s a decent restaurant?”
  • “Help me feel relaxed.”
  • “Where’s my lodging?”
  • “Browse [],” when you need to go legitimately to the site.
  • “Go to [name of website],” when you need it to show up in a Google seek.

Google can clearly swing to the web for answers; however, it can likewise look through your Gmail inbox and some different spots. For instance, when we asked “Where’s my hotel?” it will look in Gmail and found a forthcoming reservation. You can additionally use ok Google everywhere for any kind of role, apps or queries you may have to ask with your internet.


  • “How is [say the name of the team] doing?”
  • “Results from [say the name of the team] last diversion.”
  • “When is [say the name of the team] next diversion?”
  • “Did [say the name of the team] win the last match?”


  • “What is [name] stock cost?”
  • “What is [name] drifting at?”


  • “What is the meaning of [say the word].”
  • “Define [say the word].”
  • “Synonyms for [say the word].”


  • “Open Google account settings.”
  • “Adjust my Google protection settings.”

Messages, notes and music

  • “Show me my messages.”
  • “Text [name of contact] [say the message].”
  • “Send an email to [say the contact name] [say what you need to write in the email].”
  • “Call [say the name of the contract].”
  • “Call [say the name of the contact] on speakerphone.”

Other music, messaging, and social applications that work with ‘OK, Google’

On the off chance that you need to communicate something specific with Viber, but  not with your default messaging application of it, at that point, you could communicate your message with, “OK, Google, communicate something specific with Viber.” You can likewise attempt directions, for example, “take a note,” or “look for dog recordings on YouTube.”

These are many applications that are perfect with “OK, Google”, however, there is not a whole complete list of it:

  • Google Hangouts — “Send a home bases message to [say name].”
  • Evernote — “Make a note with Evernote.”
  • Whatsapp — “Send a Whatsapp message to [say contact name].”
  • Viber — “Communicate something specific with Viber.”
  • Telegram — “Send a Telegram message to [say contact name].”
  • YouTube — “Inquiry [say what you need to look for] on YouTube.”
  • Pandora — “Play [name of song] on Pandora.”
  • Google Music — “Tune in to [name of song].”
  • Facebook — “Post [say your message] on Facebook.”
  • Twitter — “Post [say your message] on Twitter.”

In the event that you need to introduce any of these applications, you can discover them in the Play Store by saying, “OK Google, look for [name of app] in the Play Store.” The okay Google command also works with many other apps which may not be listed here.

Different applications that are compatible with the ‘OK, Google’

The full rundown of applications and administrations that are good with Google Assistant currently is the number of apps. It ranges everything from controlling savvy home gadgets to discovering diversion to shopping and well more. You can book an Uber, request from Starbucks, or check your Walgreens rewards balance. You can delve into a greater amount of your choices, separated by class, at the Google Assistant site.

There are likewise contrasts between gadgets, so there are sure things you can do on your phone and different things you can do with a Google Home speaker or with an Android TV.

With the okay Google assistant help, the life of people has been easier and convenient as it has eliminated the way when people use to search fraps on their own. With just one command on search voice, everything just pops on its own, whether one has to search for news, music, latest updates or want to type a message the okay goggle command has made it possible in the easiest way.

We, hope our article might have helped you to know how okay google assistant works and how it can be used.

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