Online Drifting vs Real Drifting: Can They Connect?

Online Drifting vs Real Drifting

Racing video games may operate as a “gateway drug” whether you are a casual car fan or a true racing lover. A decent racing game can make you feel like Drift Hunters as you drive past your opponents, with everything from the exhilaration of designing your ideal vehicle and dream garage to working your way up the rankings and winning races. However, can all of the button mashing and driving abilities learned in games like “Gran Turismo” and “Forza” genuinely make you a better driver in real life?

What is drifting?

The reader who is new to the term “drifting” may be wondering what it entails. Drifting is the art of controlling one’s slide. A driver will instigate a skid or slide in some way, causing the rear of the vehicle to extend further than the front. Then he or she will stomp on the throttle and steer into the turn, spinning the back tires and sustaining the slide while making a lot of smoke and noise.

There are several methods for starting the drift. The driver may just floor it and turn, which, depending on the conditions, may be enough to initiate a drift. Alternatively, the driver can yank on the emergency brake just before or during a turn, causing the rear tires to come loose and the back end of the car to swing outward.

Short history of drifting:

Drivers racing over the tight mountain roads of Japan are often attributed with the development of mainstream drifting, when they purposely skid their cars around the curves. This was reinforced when the 2006 film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was released. Set in Japan, the film promotes drifting and helped to popularize the sport.

Online Drifting vs Real Drifting:

The answer is complex, but one thing is certain: today’s young drivers are polishing their abilities on virtual courses before ever touching a real pedal.

They’re all about visual motor control:

Don’t feel terrible about wasting time eventually obtaining that trophy you fought so hard for the next time you find yourself playing numerous hours of your favorite racing game. According to Psychological Science research, gamers who play racing and action games may have better visuomotor abilities than non-gamers. In case you’re wondering, the term “visuomotor” refers to the brain’s “coordination of movement and visual perception,” according to Merriam-Webster.

Car controlling:

drifting games is all about controlling your automobile. A drifter must understand how his or her vehicle will respond to the road surface, how to react quickly to outside influences, where to look, and how to recover from mistakes. A drifter must have excellent hand-foot coordination and vehicle confidence. All of these qualities are directly applicable to day-to-day driving. For example, on the road, there are all kinds of barriers and situations conceivable. An automobile might lose traction on a turn one day in the rain or snow, for example. If the driver of that automobile had only driven their car on a daily basis, they might slam on the brakes, steer the incorrect way, or hope for the best.

Can online drifting games affect your real life driving?

Now that we know that racing games might potentially make you a better driver by improving your visuomotor abilities, we had to ask if they can truly make you a better driver on the race track. “Playing video games may basically rewire the brain,” according to Popular Mechanics. In testing, players playing a first-person shooting game outperformed non-gamers by up to 50% when it came to detecting, finding, and tracking objects—skills that are also important in real-world racing.”

But it doesn’t mean you can go from playing Gran Turismo on your 32-inch TV to rubbing shoulders with Lewis Hamilton in an instant. You’ll still need to get real-world racing experience before you can even consider doing so. However, because it is touted as a true driving simulator, you may still learn some important skills by playing it. This means that the car behaviors and racing course shapes are as realistic as they can be.

Final thoughts:

Yes, racing games may make you quicker than you were previously. However, if you want to establish lap records at the Buddh International Circuit, you must practice in real life. But, with technology advancing at a breakneck pace, you never know what’s around the corner.

Just be sure you acquire a gaming steering wheel and pedal set with force feedback so that the experience feels as authentic as possible. And, while most racing games on the market are quite realistic, try not to do something insane with your Honda Civic in real life when you go to the grocery store for more Mountain Dew after playing for 10 hours. After all, these are only games and not real life.

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