Law Aspirant? Here are the Specialisations You Need to Know About

Law is a career that attracts thousands of students for reasons innumerable. From the black barrister robes, prestige in the society to the cause of helping people – a law career fulfills them all. Law is a highly technical, versatile, and intellectually stimulating course of study. Various specializations exist in the field of law. With so many different specializations, it’s essential to be informed about them all.

Since there are many different specializations, you need to know what specialization you want to pursue and the qualification for LLB course in that specialization. Also, it’s important to note that most universities don’t even offer specializations and only a handful of universities have specialized LLB courses – so you need to look for those.

Law Aspirant
Law Aspirant

Law is an extensive field and has specializations ranging across divergent functions. Let’s take a look at most popular law specializations:

  1. Sc. LLB (Hons) with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights

B.Sc., LL. B (Hons) with specialization in Intellectual Property Rights is one of the most popular and in-demand law courses. In this law specialization, students learn everything related to the intellectual property of an individual or a business. It teaches law students everything about protecting these legal rights associated with inventions and creative works. It concerns the ‘controlling’ of these creative creations and who can use these creations in the legal framework.

Intellectual property rights is an exciting career option where the lawyer protects and allows their client to reap profits from their creation.

  1. BBA LLB (Hons.) with Specialization in Corporate Law

Corporate law is another highly popular career choice for law aspirants. It is considered highly prestigious as students after completing their degree will be working at top MNCs and overlook their legal matters. Corporate lawyers work in a multi-faceted and dynamic environment where they work with people, either the client or your organization. There are some specific skills corporate lawyers must have, including commercial awareness, resilience, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail.

  1. Com. LLB (Hons.) with specialization in Taxation Law

B.Com. LLB (Hons.) with specialization in Taxation Law is a 5-year degree program that combines commerce with the law while keeping the focus on taxation in India. This specialization imparts sound knowledge of law and tax and allows students to pursue a taxation law profession right from the starting of their professional career. A specialized course, it is for law aspirants who have a clear career goal. In this specialization, you will learn the trade, commerce, and taxation and how all these functions affect the legal framework.

  1. Tech LLB (Hons) Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Cyber Law

Even though many students pursue law after completing their engineering, some specializations bridge both computer science engineering and law together. Since this is the digital age, a course such as B.Tech LLB in Computer Science with specialization in Cyber Laws is highly lucrative and in-demand. It’s a unique amalgamation of law and computer science that focuses on the cyber world. The course thoroughly equips students to face the legal issues faced in the field of computer science and cyber laws. It also highlights on intellectual property rights about the digital world.

  1. A. LLB (Hons.) with specialization in Criminal Law

Criminal law attracts many students for reasons innumerable. It’s an exciting career opportunity and deals with prohibited conduct in the society – from enforcing criminal law to defending allegations against the violation.

A specialization in criminal law will tutor students on the most sensitive areas of law and guide them through this legal framework. As a criminal lawyer, you will protect an individual’s right and the society, present the case and state of defense and advise on a course of action. If you’re interested in pursuing law, criminal law is a great specialization with a promising career.

All the specializations mentioned above offer a promising career in the law field. In fact, the qualifications for LLB course across all specializations is more or less the same. However, B. Tech LLB Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber Law, law aspirants need a minimum of 50% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at Senior Secondary level (12th).

Although the vital thing to notice here is that only a handful of universities offer the law specializations mentioned above. UPES is among those universities that are known for its industry-aligned law courses. It is also India’s first and only university to be rated QS 5 Stars for employability.

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