How Not To Grab The Wrong Bag!

Grab The Wrong Bag

You have probably heard the following tale in one form or another, it has been around a while, and, like all such tales, probably has actually happened to someone, somewhere, at some time! Anyway, the story goes that a gentleman flying in on a business trip arrives at his destination and is waiting for his bag, a sleek, black suitcase of a popular brand and style, to emerge from the nether regions of the terminal on the conveyor belt. He is in a hurry as he needs to attend an important meeting with his company’s local staff at a conference room in the hotel he’s staying at, and he doesn’t have a lot of time! After an interminable period of waiting he is overjoyed to see his bag appear, grabs it, and makes a beeline for the hotel. He gets to his room and quickly peels off his clothing, rumpled and musty from the long flight, and summons a bellman to whisk them off to the laundry. He takes a shower, dries off, and then opens his bag to change into his meeting clothes. 

The thing is, it’s not his bag, and those are not his clothes! A frantic call to the airline ends with vague promises of help, and no word on his bag yet. There’s only one thing to do, find something that will fit him, so he walks into the meeting wearing a lady’s fluffy pink bathrobe with a red face and a long story to tell. All that could have been avoided if he had taken the time to check his bag’s tags, but an easier method of prevention is to customize your luggage! Just order some stickers online and place them on strategic areas of your bags so you never face a case of mistaken identity like that yourself! 

Considering how important luggage is to travelers, it’s something we typically neglect to put much thought into. We are fairly likely to spend some time picking out what we will pack inside our bags, but the bag itself is another story, and one that bears some consideration. Here are some simple tips for choosing the right bag for you!

Wheels – It has to have wheels. This is non-negotiable. Spinners that can rotate 360 degrees are recommended. Just believe me on this one, I have done all the testing for you! Must. Have. Wheels!

Size – Most airlines have similar size allowances for baggage, find out what they are and buy within their limits.

Colour – The most popular colors are black and grey. Do not buy those! Your only goal is for your bag to stand out in a crowd as unmistakably yours, so bright purple, lime green, blazing orange- the gaudier the better! Don’t forget to add those custom stickers, too!

It’s important to know the government travel policies regarding bags. You can learn about Australia’s at the link here. Have a great trip, and don’t get stuck wearing someone else’s fluffy pink bathrobe!

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