6 Incredible Grounding Techniques to Calm Down Quickly

Emotions are the identification of humans, and emotional intelligence is the factor that sets human beings apart from the rest of civilization. Good emotions like happiness and excitement can be really great, but emotions like anger, pride and envy also bring out the worst in us. Now, we know that emotions can be avoided, but they can definitely be controlled. Bad and unhealthy emotions can cause a lot of problems in our personal lives and in our careers, and if anyone is going to attain any form of success in this world. They need to have some degree of emotional control. Today, in this post, we are going to discuss some incredible techniques that you can use to ground yourself and gain control of your emotions. Try out these techniques to become a master of your emotions.

Strengthen your mind through meditation

Meditation and mindfulness is a very effective method of strengthening your mind. Meditation regularly teaches you how to disconnect with your emotions and relax, and all the practice can make you really good at staying calm and grounded. Meditation will make your mind stronger, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by emotions in many conditions that would have otherwise caused you emotional discomfort. So, start doing a ten to twenty-minute sessions of light meditation in the mornings. This will help you a lot and make your mind a lot stronger.

Strengthen your mind through meditation
Strengthen your mind through meditation

Take some deep breaths

Another simple yet super effective way to control your emotions instantly is to do some breathing exercises. You can really calm yourself by simply taking three deep breaths. You should start practicing some breathing exercises like yoga or Tai Chi to improve your mental strength and gain control over your emotions. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by an unwanted emotion, take a seat, close your eyes and take three deep breaths. This will definitely calm you down and help you respond logically to the situation.

Take some deep breaths
Take some deep breaths

Start living a healthy lifestyle

You may have heard the common phrase; a healthy body hosts a healthy mind. This is very true, and your lifestyle has a major effect on your emotional health and strength. Many studies have shown that fluctuations in one’s blood sugar levels and mineral deficiencies can contribute to mood swings. If you don’t have a healthy diet, you are more prone to emotional breakdowns.

Our chemical nervous system is largely affected by the foods we eat, and when there is a deficiency of something in the body, our nervous systems detect our body to be in danger. In these situations, stress hormones are released in the body, which makes emotional situations worse. So, improve your diet, stay hydrated and maintain a healthy sleep cycle. This will make you a lot more capable of handling emotional situations logically.

Try using cannabis to calm down

Cannabis is an amazing drug, and as it has been proved recently, cannabis has a lot of amazing medical benefits. Because of these amazing benefits, cannabis has also been legalized in the majority of the United States and Canada. You can also use cannabis to calm yourself down and control your emotions. Cannabis increases the dopamine levels in our body, sending a rush of happiness and excitement through our minds. Also, cannabis reduces our stress levels, making us more able to think logically and deal with emotion-inducing situations effectively. If you are trying to stay calm during the day, then you should go for Sativa strains of cannabis, or maybe some CBD supplements. Sativa strains can actually make you more active and creative while taking away your stress and making you calm, and you can easily look up Sativa weed for sale online. But to get the proper effect of cannabis, it is important that you store it properly. For example, if you store cannabis in a damp location, it can start to grow fungi like all organic products. Here is a guide about storing your cannabis properly, check it out.

Learn more about the psychology of emotions

If you want to gain control of your emotions and not allow them to alter your behavior or thinking, you should consider learning a little about emotional psychology. You should try to understand why people act emotionally and, how to calm them down. This will help you stay calm, as well. If you are angry at a coworker, or you are frustrated because of someone’s actions, or you are being bullied in school, you will know why the people who are trying to get a rise out of you are acting the way that they are. This understanding of emotions on a psychological level will allow you to stay calm and resolve the situation logically and effectively.

Change your posture

This is a very simple yet very effective method of controlling unwanted emotions like anger. This method has been practiced for a long time, and its roots can be found in Muslim teachings. When you are feeling angry or any other unwanted emotions, try to adopt a less aggressive posture. For example, if you are standing up, take a seat and if you are already sitting, try lying down. This is a very effective emotion controlling method that has also been proven by modern scientific studies.

When we get angry, our chemical nervous system starts to release cortisol in our body, which is a stress hormone. This is real because stress is the natural response of the human body to difficult and threatening situations. In this emotional situation, our brain starts to work instinctively to help us prepare for danger, and blood rushes to our limbs. Now, this is no state to be making decisions or responding to any situation, because you will end up saying stuff that you could regret later on. But when we sit down and adopt a less aggressive stance, the body starts to calm down as it doesn’t feel in danger. This allows us to calm down and think logically and responsibility. This is a very effective method of controlling emotions that you should definitely try out.

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