How CBD Oil Is Helpful For Back Pain Does It Really Effective

Back pain is one of the most common and determined physical problems which adults are facing today. Approximately, 31 million Americans are suffering from back pain, and up to 80% will undergo it within their lifetime. Worse yet, 20% of people who experience back pain will develop chronic back pain, defined as pain lasting three months or longer. Worldwide, back pain is described to be the most common reason of physical disability for adults.

Globally, Back pain is the number one reason for disability. There are a number of people who do not actively engaging in the economy due to their constant fight with pain. Usually, people ignore pain because it is deemed a minor problem, but we cannot ignore the consequences of a nation with back pain.

What Are The Causes Of Back Pain?

There are a plenty of potential causes for back pain, including disease and trauma. Most of the people get their back pain from working. Back pain is the second-most popular reason that people absent from their work. While you may expect back pain and injuries to come from physically hard jobs, even, many of the complaints come from people who are required to sit all day, including office workers and truck operators.

We can say back pain is a big business too. People of Americans who experience back pain spend over $50 million every year trying to treat it. Unluckily, these treatments usually fail, leaving back pain sufferers discouraged and frustrated. Over-the-counter pain medication may give short-term relief, but it shortly wears off and does nothing to treat the cause of the pain. Prescription medication may be more efficient at first, but it can cause severe side effects and even debilitating addiction.

CBD Oil A Strong Solution For Back Pain:-

In order to get through every day with chronic back pain, a lot of people do one of two things. First, several suffer without the aid or help of any professional. Second, when the pain becomes intolerable, several turns to prescription medications or drugs.

Cbd cannabis oil is an alternative for people who are suffering from back pain. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is usually obtained from the hemp plant. CBD has been used to treat various bodily and mental diseases, from seizures to anxiety, but it’s particularly encouraging as a treatment for back pain.

Essentially, back pain patients can use CBD as an analgesic. This method treats the pain itself, without the numerous harmful side effects that come with traditional pain medications.

What Researches Says About Using CBD Oil For Back Pain?

As a strong and possible alternative chronic pain medication, CBD is being massively studied. The current study is essentially preclinical trials. Large-scale human trials are rare and far between, but the new research implies a strong healing benefit for pain.

While it would be difficult to review all the accessible research here, we can at least reach some important takeaways from the most important articles. These studies, built on a large body of research, confirms CBD oil for back pain could be a legitimate alternative.

A study published by Ameritox discovered that sufferers prescribed a pain medicine called hydrocodone were less likely to rely on it if they also used cannabis. Hydrocodone is the most prescribed medication by professionals in America, used to manage chronic pain. The researchers found that patients were less likely to take the medicine if they also used marijuana. This drives us to believe that medical marijuana is a powerful painkiller, equal to opioids. More research is required to understand the full equation.

A study published in the National Institute on Drug Abuse and National Institutes of Health, researchers assumed that CBD was able to lower chronic pain and neuropathic pain in rats significantly. It was capable to do this without also developing a tolerance.

CBD Oil Dosage For Back Pain:-

One of the main differences between using CBD and traditional medicines for back pain is the chance of dependence or addiction. CBD has been found completely harmless to use even for long periods of time. It has also been found to have an notably low chance of severe side effects.

The usual method for figuring out the perfect dose of CBD oil for back pain is threefold:

  • Start from the light dose
  • Go Slow
  • Have Patience

If you are just starting your journey with CBD, it is always necessary to start slow. Why waste precious medicine if you start at too high a dosage? The perfect amount will differ from person to person. Each case is always different from another.

Secondly, as you begin to increase the dose, it is necessary always to increase the dosage slowly. Again, this helps you avoid wasting product. Keep the same treatment for several days before changing it.

Thirdly, always have patience. One important difference between CBD and painkillers is that CBD will likely not give immediate relief. Rather, CBD raises up over time in your body to accommodate you for long-term pain relief. Just because you take CBD once doesn’t mean your pain will immediately disappear. It is not a fast fix and needs a bit of patience to get the dosage right.

A good point to start for back pain therapy is to take 2.5 mg dosage in a day. It is safe to increase the CBD dosage up to 20 mg a day, or until you feel a change in sign and symptoms. It could take upwards of a month to notice the full advantageous effects.


While CBD is frequently proven reliable and safe to use in most cases, it is always a good idea to consult with a medical professional. This applies particularly to those taking other prescription medicines, or seeking to make the switch from opioid pain relievers to the all-natural CBD option.

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