Google Releases an SEO Tool that Measures 10 SEO Metrics

Google Releases an SEO Tool that Measures 10 SEO Metrics:-

Google’s Webmaster Central declared a SEO Audit classification to their Chrome Lighthouse engineers expansion. Would it be a good idea for you to get energized? The module is misleadingly fundamental. Be that as it may, it’s justified regardless of a look on the grounds that if a portion of the variables the module measures correspond to genuine positioning components, at that point it might be advantageous to add Google Releases an SEO Tool to your SEO tool compartment. 
The Lighthouse Chrome program module contains reviews for execution, dynamic web applications, availability, best practices and now Google has included a site improvement evaluating class. As an aggregate bundle it’s a clever application for making the absolute best client encounter. 

Chrome SEO Plugin is Modest in Scope:-

The present arrival of the SEO module is unassuming in scope. The created report scores against just ten (extremely) essential SEO related variables. Google’s declaration recognizes the intrinsic inadequacies in the measure of helpful informatin the module offers. However, it additionally guarantees that there will be more highlights included what’s to come. Here is the thing that Google distributed: 
“The momentum rundown of SEO reviews isn’t a comprehensive rundown, nor does it make any SEO ensures for Google websearch or other web indexes. The present rundown of reviews was intended to approve and mirror the SEO nuts and bolts that each site ought to get right, and gives point by point direction to designers and SEO specialists of all expertise levels. Later on, we want to include increasingly top to bottom reviews and direction… “ 

Is the Viewport Meta Tag a Ranking Factor?

The SEO measurements the module provides details regarding are to some degree inquisitive. For instance, one of the measurements is the Viewport Meta Element. We realize that Google is pushing toward a versatile list, so it bodes well that portable amicability may be a positioning component, either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way as an ordering factor. 
This is a SEO module from Google that is positioning the viewport meta component with regards to SEO. For anybody still wavering about pushing toward a portable first site, this ought to be a reminder.

Are Legible Fonts a Ranking Factor?

This metric about the extent of a text style is identified with portable amicability. The extent of a textual style influences that it is so agreeable to peruse content on a cell phone. Portable neighborliness isn’t a metric ordinarily connected with SEO.
Enhancing for a web index has generally implied making it simple for a web crawler to find and slither your substance. Another part of SEO has been to make content that a web index can get it. 
How simple it is for a client to peruse content does not fit into the customary site design improvement box. This is a User Optimization Metric, not a Search Engine Optimization metric. Unless text style clarity on cell phones are a Google positioning element. 
Is the span of a textual style for cell phones a positioning element? This isn’t known. Given that the Lighthouse SEO Module positions it, it is sheltered to in any event regard text dimension as though it were a positioning element. 

Is the Meta Description a SEO Factor?

The meta depiction is another inquisitive metric to incorporate into a SEO module. Customarily the meta portrayal has been utilized by Google for show purposes as it were. It has never been viewed as a component utilized for positioning a site. There are recounted reports of positions dropping in the wake of changing the meta portrayal .
Has Google at any point remarked on meta depictions? Truly! Google’s own Matt Cutts has urged distributers to either have one of a kind meta portrayals or no meta depictions, and to completely keep away from copy meta depictions. 
Given this history of how Google treats meta portrayal, the way that Google included meta depictions as a SEO metric is exceptionally fascinating. It adds more fuel to the level headed discussion about whether meta portrayals are a positioning variable or not. What do you think?

Ten Google Lighthouse SEO Factors:-

Here is a rundown of the ten SEO factors that Google Chrome’s Lighthouse measures:-

  1. Meta Viewport Element
  2.  Title Element
  3.  Meta Description
  4.  Page has effective HTTP status code
  5.  Links have spellbinding content
  6.  Page isn’t hindered from ordering
  7.  Document has a substantial hreflang
  8.  Document has a substantial rel=canonical
  9.  Document uses neat text dimensions
  10.  Document stays away from program modules 

Is the Lighthouse SEO Module Useful?

I will be forthcoming. The Lighthouse SEO Chrome expansion isn’t a specialist level instrument. It doesn’t approach. In any case, given that it’s an instrument made by Google, it might be helpful for you to investigate. More data is constantly welcome since information is valuable. It will enthusiasm to perceive what Google includes next. 

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