6 Steps to Owning an Eco-Home in New Zealand – A New Dimension in Living Accommodation

Eco-Home in New Zealand

Buying real estate is becoming too expensive for the average New Zealander; surging land prices never seem to go down while house prices are rising faster than inflation, which is great for the seller, not the buyer. Enter the small prefabricated Eco-Home; an affordable living solution that many young people are choosing, as they strive to own their home. 

Here are the steps to becoming an eco-homeowner in New Zealand.

  • Make an enquiry – You can buy small homes in NZ with Ecopod, who is a leading supplier of top-quality prefab modular units that are tailored to suit the client. Google can help you locate their website, then you can book a free Zoom call to discuss your project.
  • Feasibility study – The site must be assessed for access and consenting requirements and this is handled by a surveyor. Many aspects must be taken into account and a team of experts soon make sure that everything is covered.
  1. Contract signed – The sales agreement contract is signed by both parties, with an agreed deposit paid at this stage. There might be stage payments, or the balance is due at project completion.
  2. Design and planning consent – The final blueprints are submitted for building consent, which is a legal requirement prior to building any structure. This would include utility connection plans.
  3. Factory build – The unit is fabricated in the factory and base preparations are made by the installation team and a date is scheduled for installation.
  4. Unit installation – The unit is installed and all utilities are connected; any landscaping agreed to would also be done, leaving your new home ready for occupation. The foreman walks around with you to ensure that you are happy with everything and should there be any minor issues, they would be fixed there and then.

So, there you have it, the 6 simple steps to a small, affordable home; take a look at the range of units on their website and start to plan your project. Affordable housing is now within everyone’s reach and the supplier has a wealth of experience with designing the perfect living space.

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