The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: The Future is Here

Digital Nomad

The world is changing in many respects, largely thanks to the digital revolution and the digital nomad is a new breed of professional who enjoys an unprecedented level of freedom. Australia is leading the way as far as technology goes and many thousands (if not millions) work online in a diverse range of industries.

Freedom to live anywhere in the world

This is the number one draw of working online; imagine spending 3 months a year in one of the apartments in Victoria then a couple of months on Bali before heading to Thailand to escape the winter! You can find urban communities where you can rent for as short a period as you wish, then relocating is no longer the bind it once was.

Professions/occupations that work online

The list is indeed long and includes the following:

  • Software developers/coders
  • Design engineers
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Teaching/tuition
  • Engineers/architects
  • Sales & marketing
  • Data analysts
  • Writers/journalists

Any employment where the work can be delivered via the Internet could be done remotely and ever since the start of the pandemic, companies have allowed certain employees to work from home. From an employer’s perspective, remote work saves a lot in terms of running costs and if the work is not impacted in any way, why not have employees working remotely?


The e-commerce industry is thriving and many Australians manage shopping cart websites, which can be done from any location; all you need is a laptop, a stable Internet connection and you are good to go. Even a large e-store can be easily managed using only a laptop, while there is software to help manage multiple e-stores. Don’t forget write a travel blog, which would be an inspiration to others to take the plunge and work remotely.

Low cost of living

When you can relocate to any part of the world, you are going to live in a place where the cost of living is low; many nomads use Thailand as their base and throughout the course of a year can spend time in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos. The Indonesian islands are very popular, although finding a stable web connection can be a challenge. The digital nomad would leave Thailand in February and head for a cooler climate, most will spend the summer at home here in Australia before heading off as the hot weather recedes.

Long term visas

It can be challenging for a young person to stay in a third-world country for longer than 6 months; if, for example, you want to stay in Thailand, you could register your business with the Thai government, which would allow you to apply for a work permit. You might get tax concessions by setting up a business in the destination country; this is something Google can help you with.

Once you have experienced the freedom and independence that comes with working remotely, you won’t wish to return to regular office routines and what could be better than living in a tropical paradise?

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