Automating Digital Marketing With Social Bots | Rise of ChatBot Marketing

Digital Marketing with Social Bots

Chatbots have gained an indispensable role in social media marketing due to their multitude of benefits. Their intuitive behavior, coupled with accuracy, is availing of enormous advantages to the marketers. It is expected that by 2022 nearly 75% of globally renowned brands will employ chatbots to increase their social sales. Other than chatbots, Trollishly is a well-known service provider that could drive a large number of leads. Here we break down the facts that let you know how essential it is to use chatbots. Have a glimpse below to understand how chatbots can be utilized in social media marketing.

Digital Marketing with Social Bots
Digital Marketing with Social Bots

The Efficient Conversational Tool:

Today social platforms have transformed into more e-commerce platforms. People come to know about new products through social applications. Subsequently, people are approaching brands through social platforms to sort out their queries. A recent survey has stated that nearly 65% of Millennials and Generation Z approach a brand through social applications for queries. Hence, brands must be active on social platforms. If people find the response is getting delayed from the other end, they won’t give a second thought in shifting to a new brand. Because in today’s scenario, people get to know about a large number of products through the internet.

Hence, they will immediately find and shift to an alternative. So, for an earlier response, brands are using chatbots. The chatbots are known for an instantaneous reply. If a person approaches with a query, the chatbot will instantly greet him and send a relevant response to that person. Chatbots are equipped enough to answer up to 60% of the customer queries. Hence, the person will not feel any delay in response. One of the notable features of chatbots is that they could handle any number of customers at a time. Thus, the chatbots do the work of a customer support executive. Due to their instant and relevant reply, brands are increasingly adding chatbots to their social media handles to deal with the customers.

Drives Data Effortlessly:   

Social media marketing is entirely data-driven. The more the data you collect about a customer the more it will help you to have a better understanding of him. Hence, you can derive an efficient social media strategy that could enhance your social sales. Chatbots can provide sufficient data to know about a prospect. For instance, if a person lands at your social media page and leaves without taking any action, the chatbot will collect his commonly visited social media pages, purchasing patterns, social media activity, and email, etc. These details will help you in having a better understanding of a prospect. Hence, you can create promotional posts and videos that will connect with the prospect easily.

Chatbots also does the job of an analyst. It will deliver details about the people who can turn into your customers. You can automate the questions you usually ask a person who has come to your shop. For instance, add questions like ‘Hi, Kindly check our new arrivals,’ ‘Hi, these apparels are available for a flat 50% offer’. The chatbot will reach out to the prospect and shoot out these questions. Based on the replies, it filters and lets you know about the people who can turn into customers. Thus, a chatbot itself will carry out the work of an analyst. Today all the major social platforms have billions of users. Due to the consistent increase in user base, social media analysts struggle to handle the huge chunk of data and find the people who could turn into customers. But, chatbots do these works effortlessly and drive people who could turn into your customers. They don’t take as much time as humans do and also with more accuracy. Hence, chatbots can be employed to drive data about people at a quick pace.

How Brands Elevate Their Social Sales Through Chatbots? 

Brands are employing chatbots in large numbers by brands. Globally well-known brands like H&M and Pizza Hut have incorporated their chatbots into Facebook Messenger. Let us have a look at the way the chatbot of H&M works. It greets at the very instant it was approached by a customer. If you are looking for the men’s collection, it will let you know about the available sections like Hoodies, Jeans, and Casuals, etc. Based on your selection, it will show the collections. It also lists out the colors available for every collection. If you feel dissatisfied, it will have an in-depth look and bring some more available collections. It shows the new collection with the message, ‘Kindly check some of our available collections, Sir. I hope you won’t be dissatisfied with us this time.

How to use Chatbot
How to use Chatbot into Mobile

You can also make payments within the chatbot. You don’t have to leave the chatbot and switch to a browser for payment. H&M has stated that they have witnessed a good rise in their social sales after integrating a chatbot in Messenger. Pizza Hut has said that for a long time now they have a large share of their sales online. They have also added that the chatbot’s real-time conversation and its effective customer handling method have elevated their social sales. People also share their experience with the chatbots by stating that despite being an automated machine, chatbots have shown them items and products matching their interests.

Moreover, many people have noted that they were pleased by the conversational tone of the chatbots. The conversation of chatbots sounds more human. Thus, chatbots carry out all the work right from finding a prospect till driving him to purchase a product. Marketers have predicted that nearly 85% of brands will have their very chatbots by 2023.

Configure Chatbots To Messaging Platforms:  

People spend a consistent time on social messaging platforms like WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Viber. Facebook Messenger has a jaw-dropping user base of 1.4 billion users globally. It is expected that it could rise to 2.5 billion by 2022. So, you should think about incorporating chatbots into social messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. The conversational approach of the chatbot will give a better user-experience to the people.

Bottom Line:   

Chatbots are still in their infant stage. More researches is underway to equip them further. However, it is undeniable that they have reduced the work of digital marketers by being an all-rounder. Chatbots does the job of both marketing and sales altogether. It finds a prospect, interacts with him, showcases products to him based on his interests, and finally drives to make a purchase. Therefore, employing a chatbot will benefit you in many ways. You can try tools like Botsify and Conversable to create Digital Marketing With Social Bots. Thus, employing chatbots will be a wiser decision to uplift your business on the social platform.

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