A Simple Guide to Lose Weight with OTC Supplements

Nowadays weight gaining has become a matter of concern. 8 out of 10 people depends on the unhealthy food which seems to be healthy and due to which they gain weight abnormally. Gaining weight makes a man unfit and inactive. It slows down the metabolism activity in your body due to which the accumulation of fat in your gut starts. So most of us wants to lose weight and make themselves active and fit.

Over the counter(OTC) are basically referred to those weight loss supplements which don’t need prescriptions and also not approved by FDA. Basically, they are herbal supplements which are less effective and comes with little side effects. FDA relies on those company which make them sure that the intaking of these medicines is safe. Are you thinking about using an over the counter(OTC) weight loss pill to slim down? Then, this guide will help you to choose the best OTC which help you to lose weight in a desired period of time.

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7 Amazing OTC Weight Loss Pills

Garcinia Cambogia: It is one of the natural weight loss supplement which is made from a kind of fruit extract which grows in a warmer climate. It helps you to lose weight if you take it for several weeks.

Glucomannan: It is one of the popular supplement. A medicine named Lipozene for weight loss contains glucomannan. Glucomannan is basically a fibre supplement which increases the rate of the fat burning process.

Green Tea: You can take green tea as a beverage or as a pill. It prevents you from the accumulation of fat in your gut. Also, it promotes the fullness due to which you eat less and as a result, the intake of calorie is less in your body. It has some other benefits too like reducing blood pressure and improving brain alertness.

Hoodia: It is mostly known as a hunger suppressant for dieters. It is made from the extract from the flowering plants and can be consumed in the form of pills, powder. A study shows that it helps people to lose weight by suppressing their appetite and increase the fat burning process in your gut which increases the metabolism activity in your body.

Forskolin: It is a popular diet pill which is made from the extract of the coleus plant. It works as a fat blocker in your gut. But very little evidence is there which says that it actually help you to lose weight.

Chromium: It is another popular weight loss supplement. Sometimes it is marketed as chromium picolinate which contains this substance. It helps you to burn the calories and even make your appetite small by promoting the feeling of fullness in you. A study shows that it increases the fat burning process and the metabolism activity in you.

Alli(Orlistat): It is the only OTC which is approved by FDA. It helps you to lose weight by making appetite smaller so that you eat less and increasing the fat burning process in you. But according to some reviews it has been observed that the person who intakes it will have some uncomfortable side effects.

According to me the intaking of these medicines is not good at all because the reviews say that these medicines are less effective and also comes with some uncomfortable side effects. It’s always better if you consult a doctor and take the medicines which are advised by them. OTC pills will help you to lose weight to a smaller extent and even sometimes they show no results.  

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