8 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Better Results in 2018

8 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Better Results in 2018

8 Most Popular Email Marketing Tools for Better Results in 2018:

One of the most important ways to reach to potential customers is through e-mail marketing. Email marketing has taken such a hype that today each company has included this practice as a must do step for their advertising. Due to this, there lies significant competition between companies and each tries its best to reach costumers by writing best mails for their marketing. Also, the inbox today is flooded with such emails and so there is a possibility that costumers have not paid keen attention to your mail. To avoid some of the reasons, one needs to focus on tools and tactics one needs include while writing marketing e-mails to potential customers.
Here, top 10 rules which a rookie should apply in order to make his/her e-mail to stand out from others.

1)    The Hemingway App/Website:

This is the app which informs you when you use confusing and complicated words while preparing your copywriting. People want things to be simple and understandable when they read marketing emails and this app is a tool to make your copywriting is simple and easy by detecting jargon and not-so-simple words.

2)    Litmus Scope (Website):

Litmus Scope: This tool is one of the most used tools in the marketing space. You can preview how your mail will appear on mobile phone or desktop when it will be sent to the people. The web-based version of your email can also be created through mobile or desktop previews. It also consists of Code inspector tool which is used to view the source code of emails.
3)    Mail Chimp (Website):
Mail Chimp: It is another one of the most used tools used for marketing tools in the marketing arena. Managing subscribers, track and send emails are facilities provided by Mail Chimp. It offers to send 12000 emails per month to a list of up to 2000 subscribers.
4)    Foundation For E-mails (Website):
Foundation For E-mails: It is created by Zurb foundation and ranks among most advanced responsive HTML email frameworks in the world. It provides an amazing service of creating responsive HTML email that can work on any device and at any place. It also offers 11 ultra customization responsive HTML  templates for emails, brand transactions, and others.
5)    Litmus PutsMail (Website):
Litmus PutsMail: This is a tool which allows you to test in real time your HTML emails for campaigns, newsletters etc before sending them. It is a boon for those who work on the small budget as it is a great platform for email testing and previewing and tweak them before you send them.
6)    Sender Score (Website):
Sender Score: This is a tool which gives you an information about your image and reputation s an email sender. It is a cost-free device of Return Path in which it keeps a track where certain email senders are getting unsubscribed at a quick pace or are reported as spams bu users. Based on this monitoring, a sender gets a sender score which gives you a picture of where one ranks as a marketer.
7)    Postmark Email Spam Testing Tool (website):
Postmark Email Spam Testing Tool: Sometimes, it happens that emails get blocked by users even after you have the permission to send emails to subscribers and customers. This is the tool which lets you whether your email got spammed or got filtered by spam filters despite being a genuine email.
8)    Google Analytics URL Builder- Raven (Website):
Raven Tool: For easily tagging URLs for custom campaign variables, you can put this tool to use. By doing this, you can know who is getting you the most traffic or conversions. You can monitor and get track of your newsletters clicks and traffics by using this tool.

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