8 Best Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas best destination places in USA

Visiting this Texan apple soon, but don’t know what to do in San Antonio? Need some valuable tips as you explore one of the best destinations in the US? Guess what? From historic attractions to modern-day wonders, we’ve got a roundup of some of the best and most exciting things to do in San Antonio, Texas! Trust me, you’ll love having these amazing attractions in San Antonio to your travel itinerary.

8 Best Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas
8 Best Things To Do In San Antonio, Texas

Stroll the San Antonio River Walk

Conceived first in the 1920s, this bar-and-restaurant-flanked walking route through San Antonio downtown is still the city’s most sought-after attraction. Following a waterway network winding around the city, the walk offers a wondrous water-filled escape from the busy streets of San Antonio. And, since it’s a pedestrian zone, you’ll get to explore the public artwork, shops, bars and attractions without having to worry about crossing roads and traffic. What’s more, you’ll find a wide array of premier San Antonio hotels in the River Walk, making it a great base for your urban adventure.

Remember the Alamo

No list of the best things to do in San Antonio, TX is complete without the inclusion of the Alamo. While it’s not specifically stunning in appearance, this bullet-riddled building holds great importance in the history of Texas. Labeled fondly as the “Lone Star State”, the Alamo Roman Catholic Mission is, in fact, viewed as a crossroad of history. As you explore the museum, you’ll have a deeper insight into the history of the United States. For a more insightful and in-depth experience, I suggest that you take an audio guide tour at the Alamo.

Drop by The Mission San Jose

Mission San Jose is the largest of all the historic Texas missions. For more than 200 years, this church has been active, and its power is pretty evident through the mission’s enchanting presence. With its famed Rose Window and grand archways, it’s arguably the most beautiful and visually enticing mission in San Antonio. And, just because it’s rather old, this San Antonio attraction looks a lot like its original design, thanks to the restorations. Before you enter the mission, watch the short document to get a deeper insight into the mission’s history.

Explore San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Even if you’re not much of a flora connoisseur, you won’t regret taking a stroll around San Antonio Botanical Gardens. With its green open spaces and wide array of displayed flora, this San Antonio attraction makes a great place to stroll or get lost. And, inside the colorful and fragrant confines of these gardens, you’ll find a cool restaurant – Rosella at the Garden – where you can enjoy some tasty dishes and coffee.

Tour Hill Country

Looking for a fun and pleasant day trip from San Antonio, Texas? Nestled north of the city, the beloved Texas Hill Country displays some of the state’s only lush hills as well as historic towns, rodeos, recreational lakes and dude ranches.

Visit the cutting-edge museums in San Antonio (USA)

As with the rest of San Antonio, the museums in the city have wonderfully redefined themselves over the past few years, making the transition to fully interactive adventures from stagnant collections. The best cutting-edge museums in San Antonio include the Scobee Planetarium and Challenger Learning Center, Institute of Texan Cultures and the Witte Museum.

Shop at Market Square

A pit-stop to Market Square should be on every shopaholic’s list of things to do in San Antonio, Texas. Lined with produce, shops and restaurants, it is, after all, the country’s largest Mexican market. Specialty stalls here sell everything from hand-embroidered dresses to leather boots, with over 70 shops alone making up the colorful Farmers Market Plaza. Even better, there are colorful paper Mexican flags, working artists, dancers and live musicians that add a cultural ambiance to this market.

Wander around the chic Pearl District

Get lost in one of the coolest neighborhoods in San Antonio! The Pearl District exudes the idealistic charm of a college campus, with its well-dressed locals and bicycles. It’s a hip yet laid-back neighborhood with coffee shops, restaurants, bars as well as fashionable boutiques. If you prefer to stay in this neighborhood, book a night or more at Hotel Emma – a well-known charming hotel with some great city views. In addition, make sure to check out Pearl District’s tacos and LaGloria.

Is there anything else that we miss? Want to add more attractions to our list? Just feel free to share your thoughts to us through the comment section!

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