5 Ways To Stop Your Breath From Stinking When You Don’t Have A Toothbrush

It becomes very embarrassing when you realize your breath is stinking. You’re in the middle of a conversation and you could guess how others react awkwardly or try to maintain a safe distance from you. Such a situation can occur to anyone, even if oral care is there. The worst part, you did not see this coming, so you came unprepared for the situation. So much so, you don’t have a toothbrush to clean the mouth immediately and freshen the breath.  Well, don’t worry as there are certain things that can keep your breath fresh and prevent it from stinking in any situation.

5 Ways To Stop Your Breath From Stinking When You Don't Have A Toothbrush
5 Ways To Stop Your Breath From Stinking When You Don’t Have A Toothbrush

Here are 5 ways to stop your breath from stinking when you don’t have a toothbrush –  

  1. Sugar-free gum or mints

Sometimes, a temporary solution becomes the need of the hour when it comes to fighting off the stink of your breath. Sugar-free gums or mints fall in this category as they may not help you fight bacteria or plaque but can freshen up your breath almost instantly. Chewing sugar-free gums also helps in saliva production where your mouth’s plaque, bacteria and food residue are washed away to keep the breath fresh and odor-free. Even if gum or mints are not helpful for your oral health, they can still do the job at hand immediately to make you feel confident with conversations.

  1. Fruit

Oral experts advise carrying certain fruits when on travel so that the problem of bad breath could be tackled on a temporary basis. Not all foods will help but there are some that can remove the stink immediately to make you feel confident about your breath. Take for example, apples are great for preventing bacteria growth and also helping wash away plaque from mouth. Similarly, fruits like oranges and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C and can prevent bacteria from growing. Keep them in your bad to save you accidental blushes.

  1. Tongue Scraping

Even if you don’t carry a toothbrush along, this should not be excuse for bad breath because other ways are there to keep the mouth fresh. Why not think about tongue scraping as it can wash bacteria off the tongue and ensure freshness to your breath. Your tongue is where the most of bacteria reside and unless you clean them regularly, bad breath problem won’t go away for sure. When on travel without a toothbrush, you can use a spoon to scrape the tongue and keep it clean.

  1. Water

Staying hydrated is easily the best way to stop your breath from stinking. This does not allow your mouth to turn dry which is a major reason behind bad breath. For that reason, you should drink plenty of water in day to not let bacteria grow inside your mouth. There is absolutely no harm in drinking as much water as you could so don’t worry even if in the intake is greater than what you think it should. Plus, water is always helpful when it comes to scrubbing away plaque, bacteria and food particles stuck between your teeth.

  1. Yogurt

In general, most dairy products are good for your oral health. dentists recommend cheese for healthy teeth and gums. But when you’re prone to bad breath, yoghurt is easily the best food to have around. This food does not allow bacteria to grow inside your mouth and even mitigate the bad odor due to sulfur. You can trust yoghurt to keep your breath fresh and make you feel confident. You can also consult a dentist to know more about the subject, and also to understand how one day dental implants can help if there is tooth loss.

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