Day: July 25, 2019


Data Science For Beginners

In the initial stages, the problem data industries faced was the storage of data. Later on, a few companies such as Hadoop came up with the solutions to these problems of data storage. After that, the focus was shifted from the storage of data to the processing of data and converting it into meaningful information. […]

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Financial Tips

5 Signs You Should Start Looking For Business Funding Options

A lot of people who struggle to work the nine to five as an employee yet also dream of starting up a business on their own and be the boss of the company themselves. It is possible, of course, to make that dream come true- that is if you are willing to pour blood, sweat, […]

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Digital Marketing Tips

Influencer Vs. Traditional Marketing

Influencer marketing has quickly established itself as an extremely effective marketing tool in a very short amount of timeā€”so much so, that marketers are already considering allocating more budgets to influencer marketing than to traditional advertising methods. A compelling marketing message sandwiched in between the posts and feeds from friends and family are much more […]

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