XnView Review

What is XnView Review:-

Who doesn’t want an organized lifestyle? The answer is we all want it. For having limited time in our hand we aren’t able to do that. But you can easily organize your massive amount of stored images on your PC that you have kept shuffled. So, this is the time to organize them heavily by XnView without spending too much time on it. This program will help you tracking your collections with its powerful sorting algorithms. You won’t have to be frustrated while finding those files. The files will be right there at your fingertips in the specific way you meant it to be. So, if you want an advanced desktop app to keep your collection fully organized then you should give it a try. You will be surprised the way it works.


This intelligent desktop app can read over 600 image formats and has the ability to convert them into 50 regular formats for your needed. As you always want to store your digital collection without compromising its quality that’s why this graphics client will help you to achieve that. It has JPG lossless transformation feature which is very useful to keep the original quality of your images. When you will rotate an image it won’t loss any pixel in any orientation. To make you productive it supports Photoshop plug-in! Which just works great on this app. yes of course it doesn’t edit images like Photoshop but daily regular editing just works fine on XnView. There are many filters and it has accurate color profile to edit. After launching this app its window will always be on the top of the display whether you’re using it or not because it will help you to switch to XnView from another program much faster. There are vast number of features to keep your images organized because of it has that type of powerful sorting algorithms. Wherever your files are on your hard disk it will give you in your hand at lightning speed the way you categorized those files. It also is supported by Vector Graphics as you’ll be able to integrate with Ghostscript which is just incredible.


It may seem messy interface for some people for the first time but it isn’t that complex. After spending a little time on it you will understand this desktop app that how potential it has. You will notice that it has an interface of much like a browser& most of UI will match with your ever green Windows Explorer! It has 3 different mode to work on it: 1) Browser Mode 2) View Mode 3) Basic Mode. Basically when you launch this program it will be opened it in browser mode to navigate & to open your files. When you open an image that will be opened in a new tab in View Mode where you can categorize your image to sorting and can do edits. 

Compatibility & Supports:-

It was released about 20 years ago only for only UNIX based architectures but then I made its own way to Windows. The developer works hard to keep it in action for regular increasing graphics vendors. Installation may seem a little annoying at first but it’s not a problem you will get used to. You may see an msvcr110.dll missing error. If it will happen please download latest version of msvcr110.dll file and install it in the Windows system directory

So if you’re looking for a great image organizer to storing your digital collection then you must use it.

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