How is Brake-by-wire Transforming the Automation Industry?

The Brake-by-wire system has been seen in the various conventional vehicles and in modern cars. This system is intended to blend itself with the driver-assistance system and regenerative braking. It is possible that in the near future, a car will operate brake on their own with the help of the auto-pilot system just like electric steering working currently. Imagine a scenario where the electric vehicle will have no drivers, how comforting would it be? This will provide a new revolution in the automotive industry and of society in general.

Brake-by-wire Transforming the Automation Industry
Brake-by-wire Transforming the Automation Industry

As automation is at its peak, everything is evolving, including the braking system. We have come a long way from a hydraulic system to a fully automated one. A forward movement is seen in vehicles that are more dynamic, intelligent, and interconnected. On the other hand, recovery of energy reduces both emissions and weight which is increasingly inevitable for the manufactures and society in the current time. The automotive industry has its main focus on energy and thus the braking system will have a great impact. This technology is not just applicable to road running cars but it is specially designed for racing cars. This technology has been used in the most difficult situations in Formula 1 since 2014. If you are keen to learn more about other automotive technology, electric technician school is a destination you must consider.

To see how these mechanical brakes can fully transform the driving experience by uplifting the safety measure, scroll down! We have provided detailed information on the functionality and advantages of amazing brake-by-wire technology in which is knocking your roads.

How does Brake-By-Wire System Work?

This system works the same as a traditional hydraulic system by pressing the brake pedal. After pressing the brake pedal, its travel sensor detects the position of the pedal and it sends this information to the control unit and right away the pedal rotates the braking feel of the vehicle. The electronic control unit passes the signal from the pedal sensor and sends the same direction to the actuators. Following that, the actuator converts the electrical impulse to the control unit of the caliper’s clamping force to slow down or stop the vehicle.

The actuator uses a caliper that can become an electromechanical caliper that is managed by a control unit which transforms electrical energy into the braking system. This force gets transmitted through brake pads to steel, iron, and carbon-ceramic brake disc. It can also become the brake caliper with traditional hydraulic attachment. During the total loss of electricity, the hydraulic system will perform instead of the brake-by-wire system, allowing the braking system to run on the front wheels.

Advantages of Electric Brake System

There are many advantages of the brake system to drivers, manufacturers and the whole society. Let’s learn it in detail!

Benefit for Manufacturers of Cars

The brake-by-wire system has wide benefits including safety, the comfort of the driver, and performance. Moreover, the brake system electrification open ways for a corporation with other components. Active braking after leaving the accelerator or giving a single brake for wheels as a stabilizing function for the vehicle. Due to the benefits of the brake-by-wire system, the manufacturer can work on repositioning the components and design vehicle considering the space, mass, safety, and performance aspect. You will see completely different vehicles design in the future than the current one. Also, it offers flexibility to the manufacturers for improving the performance and distribution of the weight.

Benefits for Driver- Comfort, Safety, and Customization

One thing which is a must for any driver is safety. The electric brakes are designed in a way that it allows a significant decline in stopping distances in comparison to the older system. The understanding of the brake speed is necessary as the urgent stopping of the car can save lives from any mishap. Today, with the brake-by-wire system, long-distance of delay can be easily saved.

 The driver has lots of advantages when comes to braking performance and safety. Also, the driver will be capable of customizing the pedal’s response and the braking force. On top of that, he/she will be able to choose the braking patterns which are preferable to them. Furthermore, they can also choose the pedal response system as per their style of driving.

Along with the super comfortable driving experience, the brake-by-wire-system has stability in braking, despite any kind of load. It has an automated system that easily adjusts with extreme load conditions while maintaining a constant space. This system also offers a complete transformation from dissipative braking to regenerative braking which makes the drive smoother. Moreover, a blending type of braking is used which is integrated through dissipative and regenerative braking. This can lead to autonomous braking without making use of the brake pedal.

This method also performs automatic advantage of regenerative braking or engine braking to create stable deceleration that allows frequent controlling as well as stopping of the vehicle becomes easy in normal and heavy traffic. In case of any emergency or racing, the brake pedal is a necessity in cars.

Encouraging Eco-friendly Environment

Encouraging Eco-friendly Environment
Encouraging Eco-friendly Environment

Brake-by-wire has an energy recovery system that works effortlessly to reduce the charging phase of both hybrid and electric vehicles. It also reduces the residual torque that is generally created due to the traditional combustion engine, which increases the fuel consumption, adding more emissions. It also reduces CO2 emissions and enhances the driving range of the electric car. As fluids will not be in use, the environment will get freed from the curse of pollution, making the world a healthier place to inhale fresh air.

Brakes- Savior in Emergency

Brakes are the most crucial factor without which a car has no importance. Therefore, people need a solid base to rely on an electric signal to perform the braking function. Here, the hydraulic backup system works as a support system when the brake-by-wire system is not in use. We hope with the help of this article, you will be aware of the latest braking technology coming your way.

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