What Causes Anemia?

Anemia results from too little amount of hemoglobin in the blood. How does the level of this substance in the organism drop and what are its symptoms?

Anemia results from disorders related to the generation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. This disease is accompanied by symptoms which can be mistaken with fatigue. If the progress is advanced, it poses a serious threat to your heart and brain. To identify the anemia, all you need to do is undergo a basic blood test. If you are diagnosed with anemia, the course of treatment should be dependent upon the cause of the disease.

What Causes Anemia
What Causes Anemia

When do we talk about anemia?

Anemia starts when the number of red blood cells and blood hemoglobin level drop below the permissible value. The symptoms of anemia resemble the ones associated with chronic fatigue. The most distinctive is general tiredness which fails to subside after you rest. It may be accompanied by dizziness. Hair gets too dry, brittle, often falls out. The skin gets pale, similar to mucous membranes – the best idea is to observe lips which lose their natural color. You should also pay attention to extensive sleepiness. Anemia is often accompanied by depression as well as memorizing and concentration issues.

The above-stated symptoms are typical of anemia. In addition, you may experience symptoms characteristic for particular types of the disease. For example, megaloblastic anemia (arising from folic acid or vitamin B12 deficiency) is accompanied by neurological disorders, personality changes and paranoid behaviors and thoughts. Too low folic acid level leads to depression and oversensitivity. Swollen palms and feet, as well as various kinds of pain, are in turn typical of sickle cell anemia.

How to treat anemia?

The way of dealing with anemia depends on the cause. If the disease results from too little amount of iron in the blood, the treatment is concerned with supplementing this ingredient through supplementation and change of eating habits. As for sickle cell disease, blood transfusion proves to be helpful. If the anemia is genetic and you cannot treat its causes, pharmacological products are used, such as androgens, glucocorticosteroids or erythropoietin.

Anemia is a serious disease which must not be underestimated. Hemoglobin transports oxygen thanks to which internal organs and cells function properly. Its deficiency may pose a serious threat to the entire organism, particularly to the brain and heart muscle. To learn how to prevent anemia, please visit the website: https://www.star5products.com

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