How To Track a Mobile Number Live Location For Free?

Tracking systems have proved to be a boon for the mankind. The technology is now being used in many fields and sectors and is providing sparkling results.

In the field of transport:-

Tracking systems are widely being used in the field of transportation, Such as airplanes, Goods & Services transportation and even in public transport. They are used to keep a track on the vehicle’s movement, so that unfortunate incident can be averted.

In the field of manufacturing and supermarkets :-

Even in the field of manufacturing and retailing, tracking systems have been widely been used in order to keep a track on their products. In manufacturing units, the products are tracked in millions of number which makes the distribution process easier. In retail stores and supermarkets, the system is used as a barcode scanner, which you might have seen many times.


In the field of telecommunications:-

Tracking systems have been used for ages in the field of telecommunications. Initially, the system came into use by the businessman in order to track their customers. Later, the system got popularized, which increased the use of tracking systems. The state and legal departments started using the system in order to maintain law and order, and after the introduction of Smartphones, tracking phones have become comparatively very easy. Nowadays, even a layman can track a phone without doing much effort. But how? Let us see;

  • For Android phones:-

Launched in 2007, Android has proved to be a revolutionary software; a software that has become a game changer in the field of Smartphones. The USP of Android, which made Android the game-changer is the diversity of apps the software supports. This USP has also made possible to track android phones. With the inclusion of GPS and GPS based apps, it has become easy to track android phones. The tracking of an android phone is possible by the number of tracking applications present in playstore. So let us take a look at some of the applications.



  1. Family locator – GPS tracker:-

This is a great app that does the job of finding your android phone effectively. It has got a good review on play store and requires 4.0.3 and up android version. What the application does is, it gives you the option of creating family groups where you have to select the person on whom you want to keep a track on. It also notifies the user when a certain person leaves or exits the desired location.  Some of the features are:

  • Traces location effectively
  • Provides a real-time location
  • Notifies the user about the location of the desired person.2 – Find My Friends:-

Another tracking application that helps you track your phone. Just like the previous one, the application requires 4.0.3. and up android versions. It locates the real-time location of the person whom you wish to find. The application has received sound reviews from the users. Some of the features are:

  • Traces location on map
  • Allows chatting with the fellow users
  • Provides SOS services3 –  GPS phone tracker:-


GPS phone tracker is an eligible tracking app that helps the user to find their lost android phone. The application requires 4.0.3. and up android versions. It helps the user to locate their friends, lost phone very effectively. As the name suggests, the app takes help of the GPS services to track the lost phone. It shows real-time location on the map so that you can find your phone easily. The app has received good reviews and is free of cost. Some of the features are:

  • Allows the user to track location of the phone
  • Shows real time location on map.



  • For iPhones:-

iPhones have a great variety of apps too to offer to their users. This list includes a number of tracking apps that will help you to track your iPhone. So let us take a look at them.





1 –  GPS tracker:-



It is a helpful app for those who want to keep a track on their or other’s phone. The app allows the user to track and monitor the movements of the device in which it is installed. Some of its features are;

  • Traces location
  • Tracks multiple devices
  • Emergency push services.2 Glympse – Share GPS location:-



Yet another effective application for iOS users that will help the users to track the iPhones.  The application is backed by some amazing features. Let us take a look at them;

  • Traces and monitor location
  • Allows the user to share their location
  • Allows the user to share their location.3Family locator and GPS tracker:-

Family locater is GPS application that helps the user to track and monitor their kids and family members. It ensures complete safety of your loved ones. The app has some distinct feature, let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Traces and monitor real-time location of your family members
  • Allows the user to share messages with the members
  • Provides SOS services.





Apart from them, there are various websites that perform the task of tracking phones and location of the user efficiently. Unlike applications, they are free and instant; they have a user-friendly interface which makes them very easy to use.

Mobile number tracker is one such website where you can easily track the location of your phone. It is one of the best websites that tracks the exact location of the number and is extensively used by the users.

 It is easy to use:

Open the site Mobile Number tracker with exact name and location

Then enter the mobile number in the ‘locate mobile number box’

Click on ‘trace’

The website then, within few seconds will trace the number, providing you the location of your daughter.

It is that simple and easy to use.

So you can see there are several ways to track your phone. Both Android and iPhone users have a variety of options for tracking purposes; one can choose them according to their usage. Apart from applications, is a notable alternative for tracking purposes that provide free and instant results.

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