Tips to get most of your answers correct to bag the top colleges from your NEET examination

NEET is a national level competitive test that judges the eligibility of a student on certain parameters in order to offer them the best academic support. This eligibility test is primarily a source for getting into the medical domain of learning as admission to most of the esteemed medical colleges and dental colleges in India remains subject to successful; completion of NEET. With a good score, you can surely expect yourself to be placed at one of the most premium institutions in India. However, securing a good score is a little tricky but not out of reach. With comprehensive learning and conceptual clarity clubbed with regular and rigorous practices, any student can wish to attain the top positions securing the chance to head for the best colleges in India.

Tips to get most of your answers correct to bag the top colleges from your NEET examination
Tips to get most of your answers correct to bag the top colleges from your NEET examination

Being such an essential examination of high pay degree, it encompasses a vast syllabus that includes subjects like Physics, Mathematics, and Biology. Each of the subjects covers topics from 11 the as well as 12 the standards that make the volume so extensive. Hence, meticulous efforts to grasp the topics and learn them by heart are a prerequisite for every student to score well. With dedication and best of intentions, any exam can be excelled and so is the case for NEET as well. Here are some of the guidelines which might be of much use to the students appearing for the NEET 2019 to score well and to make the answer papers flawless.

Be strategic in deciding your preparations

While preparing for a competitive exam NEET’s merit, a student needs to be careful about the pros and cons of the syllabus at first. Knowing the syllabus in full will guarantee confidence and strategic planning to score well. Once you have a fair idea of what are the topics that you have to learn, make subject-specific segregation and learn the weightage aligned to every topic under each subject. Comprehending the weight will help you to get a fair idea of how much score you can expect from any particular topic and can allow the time table accordingly. A topic with 40% weightage will surely demand higher time in the time table that the one with 20% weightage. This way, the vast extent of the syllabus can be tamed efficiently and effectively.

Also, do some research on the quality and types of questions that appear in the finals from each chapter. There are certain chapters from where numerical are being asked, and there are some which come under the theoretical part or multiple choice section. Once you get to understand the types of questions expected out of any topic, it would be easier for you to comprehend the pattern and get the preparations done accordingly to gain a competitive edge over others. Hence, an in-depth knowledge of the subject matters and the skeleton of the syllabus is a must for those who are not just looking for a score but are competing to get admitted into the best colleges in India.

Get acquainted with the pattern of the question paper

For many of the aspirants, NEET might be the first national level competitive test that they are going for. It is of paramount importance for a fresher to understand the pattern of the paper in order to gain confidence. Like every other national level competitive test, NEET also offers the students a question paper along with an OMR answer sheet. The OMR sheet contains multiple probable options for each question, and sometimes they appear to be pretty close making the selection even more critical. Hence, it is suggested that once you know the exact answer and are certain about its correctness, opt for it or else you would be taxed with negative marking. The one thing that makes the competition level higher and harder is the provision of negative marking in the NEET examinations. With each of the wrong answers, you lose the effective marks secured from one right answer which is taxing. Hence, take time and be sure before you fill the bubble of the OMR sheet. There is one positive side associated with the multiple choice arrangement as well. Sometimes, we tend to forget certain detailing at the examination center, but when given the choice, the right one hits our memory just by taking a look at those options. Be confident and be patient to score well by doing the problems impeccably.

Make your time management perfect

A competitive examination is not all about making the answers right, but it is more of getting the answers right within time. The time limits sometimes restrict a student from reaching the high scores that he/she might be capable of. Start practicing at least three months prior to the examinations with time limits to ensure speed at the examination hall. In this regard, it is helpful to solve previous years’ papers with set time limits. Post the mock test, you should also analyze your performance with NEET answer key. If you have the potential, do not let that down only because of inadequate time. The 180 questions that are there in the final papers need to be answered in precision. Look for compact and precise methods of solving a particular problem which will ensure faster calculations making your solve-time lesser. The other thing that acts as a problem to many of the aspirants is the exam time anxiety. If you are stressed and feeling anxious while doing the calculations, there always lies a possibility of making silly mistakes that must be avoided. If you have short notes ready with you. Start revising them a couple of weeks earlier to the commencement of the examination. If you do not have some with you, you can also collect it and keep it with you for the final day revisions. This will ensure a compact learning. If there are problems that you have been doing wrong for quite a while, start reworking on them and get them correct to secure a high score in the finals.

Go through the process of mock tests

Before you go ahead with the final examination, opt for the mock tests and practice the test papers to give yourself a real feel of the examination. Be sure that you give yourself the exact environment and the exact time limit to finish the papers for the perfect finishing touch to your preparations. Use stopwatches for correct timings, refer to the previous NEET test papers and get yourself a print out of an OMR sheet to understand your preparedness for the examination.

Hard work and dedication always pay in favor of the examinee. Make your efforts smart enough to hit the scores that will get you admitted into the best colleges. The last year toppers scored above 668 out of 720 marks, and this should be the target area for you. Prepare at you best and perform accordingly to ensure a bright future.

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