Top 5 Anti Aging Ingredients in Organic Face Care Products

When it comes to skincare, face care takes center stage. The skin of our face is different from the skin of rest of our body. Even the skin of our face varies in thickness, elasticity, and texture in different areas. The skin under the eyes is very delicate. It is here, the signs of aging become visible first. Fine lines, dark circles, crow’s feet are all signs that the skin is losing its elasticity, moisture retention and undergoing faster changes.

Organic Face Care
Organic Face Care

Naturally the skincare regimen differs from the rest of the body. I am an advocate of natural ways of life and in that organic food and ingredients become an essential part of your self care routine. As aging is inevitable and we can only slow down the process, our best bet is to switch to organic face products with ingredients that are ethically and responsibly chosen to help reduce the wear and tear, elasticity and complexion of the skin.

The skin of our face being lighter requires products that are lighter but potent in their properties. Herbs play an important role in delivering the best of plant nourishment through skincare products.  There are little choices in organic face products in India that can be considered purely natural and completely organic, but if you use little caution and read the entire ingredients list you will not be misled by claims of natural or organic, when they are actually full of harmful preservatives like parabens, synthetic emollients like silicones and PEGs, formaldehyde that is actually poisonous, bleach, artificial perfumes that contain more than 200 chemicals.

There is always a new trend in fashion, skincare, foods that last a couple of years before the new trend replaces them. The trending ingredients in face care products that never go out owing to their extremely potent healing and nourishing properties will always remain a part of any beauty regimen. Top 4 ingredients in my list are:

1.     Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an irreplaceable plant with extraordinary healing properties used widely in making skincare products. Aloe penetrates the deepest layers of the skin and also acts like a carrier for other herbs that are used with it. It is extremely good for calming an irritated or burnt skin, allergies, aging skin, ulcers and wounds.

2.    Calendula or Marigold

Again with exceptional healing properties, calendulas or marigolds repair the skin and scarred tissues. Calendula is a delicate and powerful herb that is so gentle, it is used to make healing salves, tinctures, baby products, balms as a little amount of this herbs brings tons of healing benefits, be it for scars, abrasions, cuts, sunburn, bug bites, inflammation and other such minor injuries.

3.     Peptides

Peptides have gained popularity in the recent years in health care and beauty care formulations. These are amino acid chains or building blocks for the body. Peptides can be lab manufactured or naturally occurring. Collagen, the protein that makes up to 75% of our skin cannot be applied topically as being a large molecule it cannot penetrate the skin. Peptides being small molecules come of a great use in skincare products as they signal the skin to produce more collagen and aid in healing and repairing of the skin. Peptides are naturally present in dairy, eggs, corn, rice, wheat and soybeans.

4.     Bee products

Honey, Bee pollen and Royal jelly are a few bee-derived ingredients that work as elixirs for the skin, with proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes break the long chain like molecules of proteins into smaller fragments called peptides that easily penetrate the skin. Honey has a variety of healing properties including healing of wounds, cuts, bacterial infections, ulcers, burns etc.

You can make better choices by using organic face products that contain all or some of these skin healers if anti aging and natural self-care is your priority.

Author bio:

Arti Gaur is an expert in Ayurveda, she is a CEO, formulator and manufacturer of organic face products in India.

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