Top 15 Hill Stations in South India for Honeymoon Vacation

Honeymoon Destinations in South India:-

Looking forward to spend quality time with your better half and to get to know each other better being a newly married couple, the honeymoon destination is certainly an important factor. Rather than just helping in creating unforgettable memories it also strengthens the bond shared between the two. There has Hill Stations in South India which is your favorite place for honeymoon.

Honeymoon is really an important phase of a marriage, and you don’t want to make it imperfect due to lack of planning. India being a diversified country has a whole range of exquisitely beautiful regions where you can spend some romantic time.

Here are some of the best hill stations in the Southern India where you can enjoy and take pleasure of the best phase of your life with your adorable partner.

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South India for Honeymoon Vacation:-

  1. Munnar: The toy town hill station in Kerala is a perfect honeymoon felicity. Away from the mobile life of the city. It is known for its tea gardens, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful country side. The whole environment provides a great aura to bond and fall in love over and over again.

  1. Ooty:
    It is the best out the whole menu if you are looking for a perfect honeymoon destination. With many comforting cottages, lodges, hotels and restaurants. The place provides with a whole range adventure activities such as angling, hand gliding, trekking etc.
  2. Idukki: One of the most mesmerizing hill station, famous for its panoramic view point and the Idukki dam which is world’s second and Asia’s first arch dam. The elephant safari which is considered to be the best as it takes the visitors thorough the tea plantation and offers an extraordinary stillness to let the love of magic begin.
  3. Kodaikana: Retreat in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu it is known as the princess of hill stations throughout the country. Kodaikanal is known for its fascinating landscapes that certainly mesmerize you and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Bollywood romantic duets.
  4. Coorg: Known as the Scotland of south, perfect place for newlyweds. It has a unique style of wedding rituals. The most enchanting part is the morning which truly overwhelms the couple.
  5. Coonoor: Famous for its picnic spots that goes side by side the tea garden. The green slopes are the most captivating part of the hill stations as you could see many couples sitting, relaxing and seeking pleasure the beauty of the beauty of this hill station during their honeymoon.
  6. Devikulam : The presence of the lake Sita Devi is the main attraction because of the abundance minerals in water. It offers many sightseeing options than any other hill station in Kerala.
  7. Araku Valley: Most astonishing location of Madhya Pradesh. The magnificent valley comprises of undulating meadows, pompous orchards, which adds to the pleasing weather. The famous limestone Borra Cave offers novel side of nature.
  8. Yercaud: Famous for its unique topography, based in the Shevaroy hills of eastern ghats , the place is filled with lakes, waterfalls, parks and many colonial buildings the temp always remains below 30 degrees.
  9. Ananthagiri Hills: Being one of the only three hill stations in Andhra, one of the pollution free hill stations of India, captivating landscapes ceases everything and embraces the melody of love.
  10. Kotagiri: Oldest hill station of the Nilgiri trio otty. The astonishing weather and pleasure giving environment and the longwood forest is one of its kinds. The eternal pleasure of holding hands and walking miles is better explained by visiting the masterpiece of nature.
  11. Nandi hills: Hills of happiness better known as Nandi Hills of Karnataka. Flooded with honeymooners throughout the year. Full of a huge variety of view points, forts that hold historic value, the place is an amazing location for a perfect honeymoon.
  12. Panchgani: Renowned as Mecca of Maharashtra. The hill station is filled with luxurious farms and deep crevasses, it offers the mandatory quite time for the honeymooners.
  13. Ponmudi: Known as the golden peak of Kerala, listed as one of the top honeymoon sites. The location is full of dense forest and, waterfalls and other adventurous activities.
  14. Khudremukh: Located in Chikkamagaluru district in Karnataka, Kudremukh is a hourse facing peak, the rolling mountains, rivers and lakes astonishes the visitors, not only for honeymooners but it is must visit destination during your south India tour.

Do visit these special places with your partner  before you step into a new journey of life in order to know each other better and know more about the person you going to spend the rest of life with and when you are there with someone special, everything will appear different to you bringing you close to each other.

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