Top 12 Alternatives To Facebook To Social Media Marketing For 2018 !

Top 12 Alternatives To Facebook To Social Media Marketing For 2018

Top 12 Alternatives To Facebook To Social Media Marketing For 2018 !:

Facebook is most popular and one of the most user-friendly platform to make friends and build social connections for your marketing and other like stuff. But using Facebook has become a bit boring now because it is a bit too long that users are into it. Also, some of the Facebook users are trying out other platforms for a change.
Useful Tips:
They are not as popular as Facebook, but they do have interesting features and have proved to be a refreshing change. So here, this list consists of 12 such platforms which can be used as an alternative to Facebook for building your social media connections for Marketing and other use. Read on!
It is the only platform in contemporary time which is the non-profit social media place. Disqus offers the best add-on tools for websites to increase engagement. They help publishers power online discussions with comments and earn revenue with native advertising.
2)    Pinterest
Pinterest has gained much attention and popularity quotient nowadays. Alon with videos and picture sharing services, it has a feature which lets its users save pins using ‘Pin It’ button which is one of the adored features by users on Pinterest.
3)    Instagram
Basically dealing with pictures and hashtags, Instagram is a perfect platform for people who are interested in clicking and uploading their pictures on social media platforms. It offers various filters which change the appearance of your pictures within a blink of an eye. Instagram, allows users to get connected with other social networking platforms like Tumblr and Facebook which makes it one of the preferred social media stages.
4)    Tumblr
It is a microblogging and social networking place which allows uploading short blogs in very easy manner. It provides service for creating blogs and put information of your preference like website links, music links etc. You can comment and share on the other blogs you follow on Tumblr platform.
5)    Pair
This is a little different but a uniqure platform which is made for couples who take priority as the prerequisite for everything. It is a platform which offers service to share messages with your partner that will not be visible to other people.
6)    Tagged
On, the taggedcommunity you can send virtual gifts and share tags with other members present in this community. It is the biggest competitor of Facebook because its features are easy and amazing and just as simple as Facebook. You can purchase gifts on this platform with the help of ‘gold’ which will be available to you if you complete the tasks given to you here at ‘Tagged’.
7)    MySpace
Myspace: It is so interactive that one can call it the most interactive social media platforms till date. It allows you with plethora of services like sharing different games, posts, music videos, news with comfort. If you want things to be shown for a short period of time, here on Tagged there is a board termed as ‘Bulletin board’ where your shared things get deleted automatically after ten days.
8)    Google+
Google plus has gained a fair amount of popularity. Here you can get your friend’s group and circle and can share stuff. You can categorize your friends as family, acquaintance etc. Here, one can filter the posts which are another functions to get to see the content of one’s choice. You can do video conferencing with 10 people at a time with the help of a Hangout feature provided by it.
9)    Twitter
Twitter and Twitter ‘tweets’ are known by maximum people today. The feature that makes it stand out is the updates it shows in form of a trending news which keeps its users up to date with the latest news and other happenings.It offers access to follow celebrities of your choice and by this, you get updated with their latest doings.
10)    Path
It is a social networking platform which can be accessed only through mobile phones. This is a platform which focusses on privacy so not more than 150 friends one can have in ‘Path’ account. This is a platform which is for keeping only relevant friends for relevant sti=uffs!
11)     Nextdoor
This is a platform basically helpful for making friends in different geographical locations within your area and build camaraderie with them. It has a classified section which helps you share your adds and increase your business. Its features are helpful to know your locals and areas and happenings around them. You will be m=notified about happenings like theft, burglary etc if it happens in your nearby locations via Nextdoor, which will alarm everyone to be cautious.
12)   Reddit 
RedditThis is an entertainment and social news platform where users are felicitated by texting posts and direct links. Presently it has more than 36 million registered accounts.

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