Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives For Bloggers in 2020

Best High Paying AdSense Alternatives For Bloggers 2020:

Adsense has so many terms and conditions that it gets difficult for bloggers to earn money. Even if bloggers adhere to all the rules and regulations of Adsense, chances are the payable amount through Google Adsense are not satisfactory. Keeping these problems in mind, here are some ideas and Google Adsense Alternatives which one can go ahead with if they do not want to completely depend on Adsense to make money. Read on!
Useful Tips:
1)    Yahoo Ads is a platform which has successfully and substantially replaced market share of Google in a year. It consists of great CPM and easy to mix ads, which eventually results in huge CTR which can help you to earn money equal to Adsense.
2)    Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is an amazing platform which will get your ad space sold by bidding and will make sure that the chance is given to the highest bidder to show adds on your blog. They pay you with PayPal.
3)    BuySellAds
Buy Sell Ads is one of the best Adsense alternatives which is present today. Here, you have to just inform the banner sizes of those adds which you want to sell and set a monthly rental price. If someone buys your specified space, you will have an option of accepting or rejecting it. This platform only takes 25% of commission and gives you the remaining 75%.
4)    Donate Now Button
Write an article in a manner that makes a person so emotional; that he will be ready to donate some money to you. If your writing skills have magic of giving emotional impetus, this trick will really work.
5)    Write Reviews
The other way to get some money on the blog you is by writing sponsored reviews. It is possible if your blog has considerable traffic. The payment or rate per paid review is dependent upon the popularity which a blog has.
6)    Chitika
This is an alternative which provides service of add showing to the users who come from search engines. If you are owning a product blog, chances are that you will make decent money through Chitika.
7)    Kontera
It is a contextual option of advertising which may pay you on your visitor annoyance. The payouts at Kontera are high and its preference are over infolinks.  There is no need of extra space in Kontera and it is very easy to install. All these qualities of Kontera can make your dependence less on Adsense.
8)    Shut Down
When none of your blogs are working and you are hanging in a limbo by living in insecurity because of low Google Adsense payouts, then the option for you available is close your blogs and join an organization. Maybe you are not yet equipped enough to run the bog in  way that it can generate as much money as you need. In this situation, one can go and learn some SEO techniques.
9)   Affiliate Programs
Sometimes, high revenues are provided if you affiliate programs which would be substantially high if you compare it to Adsense. The one to to keep in mind is that one has to affiliate only those programs which are related to your blog.
10)    Earn Money From Twitter
If you are a blogger who is good at his/her work, it can get you lot of followers on Twitter who impatiently wait for your postings. If your count of followers are decent (even if they are fake accounts), you can gom ahead and get your tweets sponsored.

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