Tips to Learn Hindi for Class 1

Tips to Learn Hindi

Hindi is an essential subject to learn. It is considered to be the most commonly used language in India. Almost 43% of Indian people use Hindi as their language of communication. Knowing proper Hindi is a benefit for the people and therefore it is implemented in everyone’s life at a very early age. Hindi is included in a student’s life too. Considering all the literature subjects, Hindi is the most preferred subject by students of any standard. It is a compulsory subject up to class 7 after which students are allowed to choose any other subject as their literature subject. In class 1, students are needed to learn the basics of the subject so that they can attain higher knowledge in the further classes. In this article, we will discuss the various tips that a student of class 1 will need to follow for learning the Hindi subject efficiently.

Chapters included in class 1 Hindi NCERT

The chapters in class 1 NCERT Hindi literature textbook are listed below

  • Chapter 1 Jhula
  • Chapter 2 Aam ki kahani
  • Chapter 3 Aam ki tokri
  • Chapter 4 Patte hi patte
  • Chapter 5 Pakodi
  • Chapter 6 Jhuk-jhuk gari
  • Chapter 7 Rasodighar
  • Chapter 8 Chuho! Meow so rahi hai
  • Chapter 9 Bandar aur gilehri
  • Chapter 10 Pagdi
  • Chapter 11 Patang
  • Chapter 12 Gaind-balla
  • Chapter 13 Bandar gaya khet mein bhaag
  • Chapter 14 Ek budhiya
  • Chapter 15 Mai bhi…
  • Chapter 16 Laalu aur peelu
  • Chapter 17 Chakai ke chakdum
  • Chapter 18 Choti ka kamaal
  • Chapter 19 Char chane
  • Chapter 20 Bhagdar
  • Chapter 21 Haleem chala chand par
  • Chapter 22 Hathi challam challam
  • Chapter 23 Saat poonch ka chuha

The chapters included in class 1 NCERT Hindi grammar textbook are

  • Varna
  • Sangya
  • Vachan
  • Linga
  • Visheshan
  • Ginti
  • Vilom shabd
  • Anuched
  • Kriya
  • Sarvanam
  • Samaan arth wale shabd
  • Kahani pathan
  • Chitra lekhan
  • Boliya tatha awazein
  • Vakya

Tips to prepare for class 1 Hindi exam

Below are some tips and tricks to learn Hindi:

  1. The first thing that the students need to focus on is the Hindi Varnamala chart. That is the basics of learning Hindi. One needs to know each and every letter so that one can read and write correctly.
  2. The majority of the students have Hindi as their native language. Since childhood, they speak in Hindi with their family and friends. Because of this, their speaking skill is already developed, therefore, they need to put more focus on writing it.
  3. Since it is different from learning any other subject, students at the initial stage might not like the subject because of its complexity in the grammar part. Therefore, students should give more time to it in order to learn the basics properly.
  4. Reading the lessons thoroughly is very important. Each and every chapter should be read aloud to improve fluency and better learning of the letters and words. This is the NCERT Class 1 Book Hindi for reference.
  5. Writing down everything while learning will also improve one’s knowledge in the Hindi subject. Writing down things helps in remembering the words better than just reading them out. 
  6. Improving one’s grammar knowledge is extremely important. Grammar is the basis of any literature subject. If one has strong fundamentals in the grammar section then he or she can easily score marks in the subject.
  7. Making notes is important while learning. This is because when reading anything, it simply gives a rough idea about the chapter. But if one makes proper notes while studying, they can use them for revision later on. It will save time along with building up a good memory.
  8. Grammar is extremely important as mentioned in the above point. Therefore, to build a strong pace in grammar, one should try to improve their basic knowledge of the application of letters into words and words into sentences. One should learn to frame sentences and arrange paragraphs.
  9. There are also other grammar skills like one-word questions which are asked to frame sentences with those words. Therefore one should practice making sentences with the maximum words possible. 
  10. There are various grammar-related chapters like nouns, pronouns, verbs, tenses, etc. which are designed particularly for giving in-depth knowledge about every use of the various parts of the grammar section.
  11. Other writing skills include story writing from pictures, passage writing, etc. These skills need maximum practice so that the students can have a great approach towards them. At least one skill needs to be practised every day.
  12. Spelling mistakes often occur while writing down. Therefore, practising writing as much as one can improve one’s habit of avoiding mistakes while writing.
  13. Revision is the most important factor for preparing any subject. Regular revision of the topics ensures better learning. Each and every lesson including grammar and writing skills should be revised properly. 
  14. While reading, one should underline or highlight the important terms or the complex words so that they can remember them whenever they go through the lesson. 
  15. Students should read a lot of storybooks that are published in the Hindi language. This way they will learn the subject without even knowing that they are putting effort into learning it. Stories will keep the students engaged in it and let them feel learning is fun instead of a burden.
  16. Worksheets play an important role in the students’ lives. After completing any lessons, students should be provided with worksheets that consist of various questions covering all the important sections of the particular lesson. This way one can track the progress level of the student. It will also help to know if the student is learning efficiently.

Hindi is one among the most important and common languages spoken in India. The entire northern part of India thrives while speaking in Hindi. Also because of the influence of bollywood movies and other social media networks, the language has managed to put up its value in the Western, Eastern and Southern states too. Hindi has a vast impact on world history and is recognized as an essential language across several parts of the world. Learning an additional language will enrich people’s knowledge levels and learning Hindi will go a long way in helping the growth of the nation.

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