Understanding Three Black Crows Pattern And Trading Strategies

Three Black Crows Pattern

Chart patterns are essential for spotting possible market reversals or trend continuations in the field of technical analysis. The Three Black Crows is a bearish reversal pattern among the several candlestick patterns that is highly respected in the trading community. Traders and investors alike understand and recognize this pattern because it frequently indicates a possible turn in the market’s attitude from bullish to negative.

What is the Three Black Crows Pattern?

Three successive bearish candlesticks that opened inside the true body of the previous day and closed at or close to their respective lows make up the Three Black Crows pattern. This pattern usually follows an upward trend and suggests that the market may be about to turn around.

The formation of the Three Black Crows pattern is characterized by the following elements:

1)With a little or non-existent upper shadow, the first candlestick is bearish.


2)Another bearish candle with little to no upper shadow is formed when the second candlestick opens inside the previous candlestick’s actual body and closes lower.


3)Following the same pattern, the third candlestick opens inside the second candlestick’s actual body and closes even lower, producing a third bearish candle with little to no upper shadow.

Three bearish candlesticks in a row, all of which closed at or close to their respective lows, indicate a substantial change in market sentiment, with selling dominating buying.

Significance of the Three Black Crows Pattern

For a number of reasons, the Three Black Crows pattern is regarded as a trustworthy bearish reversal indication.

1)Seller Dominance: Each new candlestick opens inside the true body of the previous day, showing that sellers are actively entering the market and forcing prices lower. This pattern indicates a strong selling pressure.

2)Psychological Factor: The pattern indicates a change in market attitude as sellers have seized charge and purchasers who had previously backed the rise have lost confidence.

3)Trend Reversal: The pattern frequently denotes the conclusion of an upward trend since the market’s direction may be about to change as a result of the series of bearish candlesticks.

Trading Strategies with the Three Black Crows Pattern

While the Three Black Crows pattern is a bearish signal, it is essential to consider additional technical indicators and market factors before executing a trading strategy. Here are some common trading strategies associated with this pattern:

1) Short-Selling Strategy:

  • Entry: When the Three Black Crows pattern is confirmed, traders may consider initiating a short position by borrowing shares from their demat trading account and selling them in the market.
  • Stop-Loss: Place a stop-loss order slightly above the high of the Three Black Crows pattern to limit potential losses.
  • Target: Set a realistic profit target based on the risk-reward ratio and market conditions.
  • Exit: Close the short position once the profit target is achieved or if the pattern fails to hold, and the market reverses its direction.

2) Long Position Exit Strategy:

  • For traders already holding long positions from the previous uptrend, the Three Black Crows pattern may signal an appropriate time to exit their positions and book profits.
  • Traders can consider selling their long positions when the pattern is confirmed, protecting their gains and avoiding potential losses from a downward trend.

3) Wait-and-Watch Strategy:

  • Some traders may choose to adopt a cautious approach and wait for additional confirmation before entering a position.
  • They may monitor the market’s reaction to the Three Black Crows pattern and look for other technical indicators or price action patterns to validate the bearish sentiment before executing a trade.

It’s crucial to remember that even while the Three Black Crows pattern is a potent bearish indication, trading it alone is not advised. To improve the accuracy of their trading decisions, traders can use additional technical analysis tools including trend lines, support and resistance levels, and other indicators.

Choosing the Right Demat and Trading Account

Trading strategies based on the Three Black Crows pattern or any other technical analysis methods require access to a trustworthy demat and trading account in order to be implemented successfully. An investor’s shares and assets are stored in a safe electronic account known as a demat account, often referred to as a dematerialized account.

Demat accounts and trading platforms are available in India from a wide range of brokers and financial institutions. The Espresso demat account is one such choice, offering both seasoned and inexperienced traders a thorough trading experience.

The Espresso demat account offers several advantages:

  • User-Friendly Trading Platform: Espresso’s trading platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for traders of all skill levels.
  • Advanced Charting Tools: The platform includes advanced charting capabilities, allowing traders to analyze price movements, identify patterns like the Three Black Crows, and make informed trading decisions.
  • Research and Analysis: Espresso provides comprehensive research and analysis tools to help traders stay up-to-date with market trends and make data-driven decisions.
  • Mobile Trading: Traders can access their demat and trading accounts on-the-go through Espresso’s mobile app, enabling them to monitor their positions and execute trades from anywhere.

Traders may make sure they have the resources and tools needed to implement strategies based on the Three Black Crows pattern or any other technical analysis approaches successfully by choosing a reliable demat and trading account provider like Espresso.


In technical analysis, the Three Black Crows pattern is a potent bearish reversal indication that traders and investors should not overlook. To improve the accuracy of trading choices, it is essential to combine this pattern with other technical indicators and market conditions, even if it suggests a possible change in market mood from bullish to negative.

Depending on their risk tolerance and the state of the market, traders might use a variety of tactics, including cautious wait-and-watch, long position exits, and short selling. But in order to carry out these tactics effectively, you will need to have access to a trustworthy demat trading account. One such account is the Espresso demat account, which offers cutting-edge trading tools, research capabilities, and an easy-to-use interface.

By understanding the Three Black Crows pattern, its significance, and trading strategies, traders can enhance their ability to identify potential market reversals and make informed decisions in their pursuit of profitable trading opportunities.

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