The Secret to Laser Hair Removal is Revealed

The Secret to Laser Hair Removal is Revealed

Some cosmetic treatments become very common and people stop taking the right care that is required to get good results. The same thing happened to the laser hair removal treatment. After the first commercial hair removal treatment in 1997, the use of laser technology for the unwanted hair removal spread like a wildfire all over the world.

The Secret to Laser Hair Removal is Revealed
The Secret to Laser Hair Removal is Revealed

The commercial grade laser machines are safe and effective for most of us; they have fewer side effects. On the other hand, the at-home or low-cost laser devices may not deliver the desired results; moreover, they also have side effects.

This article explains the secrets using which people can get great benefits from laser hair removal. These mind-blowing laser hair removal secrets are explained below:

Secret 1: Multiple Laser Sessions

Just one laser treatment session is not enough to deliver the maximum reduction in hair. If a person wants to remove the unwanted hair to a maximum level, he or she may have to take 6 to 8 sessions. The number of sessions varies from body area to the body area.

Secret 2: Light Skin and Dark Hair

The best conditions for the ultimate laser hair removal are light skin and dark hair. Mean to say, the person with light-colored skin can easily and effectively remove the dark hairs using a laser. The people with dark skin and dark hair can also take it now.

Secret 3: No 100% Removal

The treatment area will not turn completely free of hairs. It is, actually, a hair reduction treatment. Some thin and fine hair will keep growing because the laser may not be able to stop their growth. In general, people can get up to 80% hair reduction.

Secret 4: Follow Up Sessions

As a matter of fact, all of us have different skin type. The way we live also define the future of our skin. Therefore, even after taking the recommended laser sessions, the person may have to visit the professional for follow up treatments.

Secret 5: Expertise are Required

Some specific skill sets are required to operate the laser machine and to deliver the desired results after analyzing the skin. Only a qualified and experienced laser technician or dermatologist can deliver desired results.

Secret 6: Beware of Quacks

Some clinics or dermatologist offices employ people who pretend to be qualified and experienced by they are often not. It is due to the reasons that some doctors set up a clinic or practice office and hand it over to assistants or third parties.

Secret 7: Hidden Charges

Some facilities do not tell you about the hidden charges. As you make the first payment and start taking laser sessions, they tell you the truth about the actual charges. Make sure you know the total price including all expenses.

Secret 8: Low Long-term Cost

If you calculate the total expenses you incurred in hair removal during the past decade, it will be fat higher than the total cost of taking all laser hair removal sessions.

Secret 9: Unhappy Customers

Due to the lack of quality treatments, we often come across unhappy customers. Some people associate unrealistic expectations which leads to a poor laser hair removal experience. Some professionals are not able to deliver what they commit in the beginning.

Secret 10: Avoid Ingrown Hairs

If you have been shaving or waxing, you might have experienced the ingrown hairs problem.  One more laser hair removal secret is that you don’t have to suffer from ingrown hairs anymore. This method of hair removal makes sure you do not get ingrown hairs.

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