Sunglasses Can Save You From Many Eye Diseases – Here is the Trick!

Wearing sunglasses is considered more of a fashion statement – well, all thanks to those high-end fashion runway shows and advertisements of luxury eyewear brands. But little do people know that eyewear is not only an accessory of fashionistas but also a protective shield for your eyes. It does to your eyes what sunscreen does to your skin – protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun that are the major cause of wrinkly eyes and eye diseases. That’s why wearing sunglasses is not only summertime extravaganza but a four-season essential.

Sunglasses Can Save You From Many Eye Diseases
Sunglasses Can Save You From Many Eye Diseases

Ultraviolet radiations not only mess up your eye lens but also weaken eye muscles which hold the eye lens in its place and maintains its shape. It can cause many eye diseases listed below:


The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has associated cataracts as the most common eye disease caused due to sun exposure. Research has proved that sun rays are one of the major causes of the increase in the cases of cataracts – an eye strain disease caused due to the blurry lens that effects on vision. Cataracts are a common problem in older people, but exposure to UV rays increases the risk of cataracts at an early age. In severe cases, it can cause blindness – but wearing sunglasses can save you from this horrific experience!

Macular Degeneration:

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of vision loss in the United States and is a common eye problem in people over 60. It occurs due to deterioration of macula – the central portion of the retina. The retina is the nerve tissue lining the back of the eye to capture light signals and send it to the brain for image recognition. But you don’t need to get over 60 years of age to experience MD; you can also experience it earlier if you expose your eyes to UV rays. Yes, exposure to sun rays also causes macular degeneration, which you can prevent by shielding your eyes with good quality sunglasses.


Pterygium is another eye problem that can occur due to increased exposure to sunlight. It is an irregular, wedge-shaped growth of mucous membrane that wraps the white eye part. Pterygium can also alter the shape of the eyeball, causing another eye disease called astigmatism.

Though there are many advanced eye surgery options like lasik in NJ that can treat vision-related problems. But it is better to wear sunglasses to avoid the initiation of these problems. The key things to consider while buying sunglasses are not its label or price, but how well it can protect your eyes. Consider these things while buying eyewear:

  • Make sure that sunglasses shield your eyes from 100 percent sunlight.
  • Choose a frame shape that covers maximum eye area for better protection.
  • Though the designer label is not the key, don’t shy away from spending some money to buy good quality glasses that work more effectively against sun rays.

Besides all these preventive measures, it is better to ask a doctor for the recommendation because he knows better than anyone of us!

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