Russian and Ukraine Dating Website for Love

There has been a big spike in the market for online dating to get “mail order brides” some people say, but did you know that many of the Russian and Ukraine women that come over here are actually usually on dating websites more than anything first? There are many things to consider when using a Ukraine and Russian dating website for love, and we’ll cover a lot of them here.

Russian and Ukraine Dating Website for Love
Russian and Ukraine Dating Website for Love

Time Differences

So, you’ve been looking for someone overseas if you’re an American man and decide to look for someone on Russian dating sites. Well first off, it’s important to know that they’re in an almost opposite time zone from you. You also have to realize that Russia is a very large country, and it literally has multiple time zones (more than the United States even). If you’re on the website at noon, you could be actually on their servers anytime between 7 PM in western Russia all the way to 5 AM in the morning on the eastern-most part of the country.


Fortunately, when you’re on a Russian dating site, you’ll often find translation options, and there are many Russians who know English as well (even if it’s hard to understand they’re voice, online it’s easier to read what they say with some possibilities of a few words jumbled here and there).

The Best Sites

So, what are some of the best Russian and Ukraine dating sites out there? Well here’s a small list of a few that are specifically dedicated for finding Russian men and women. The full list can be found at If you’re lucky, you may even find the love of your life there:

  1. com

    One of the good things about this site is that signup is free, and there’s literally no obligation to pay for membership. When it comes to simple hookups and casual meetings, you can go ahead and use the free features, but you’ll notice that if you’re looking for love, you’ll need to pay for a premium membership in order to interact with them.

  2. Elena’s Models

    This website is unique because it’s one of Russia’s veteran online dating sites. It is for younger to middle-aged adults, and you can literally find love no matter what. It has more than two million users that range from Russia, Ukraine, and even Eastern Europe. There are normally approximately 100,000 users online every day. They even have a section for couples who have been successful and met through the site to give those couples extra perks.

  3. Generation Love

    This is one of the most used free dating sites that have a lot of people who join looking for Russian relationships. You can meet a lot of people though, from all over the world, not just limited to Russia. It has some high-quality services, but you need to protect your information some because it also has some of the most scammer accounts on there. Just be careful and you should be fine.


There is only a handful of dating sites that cater mostly to Russian dating, but they are out there. Can you still do “mail order” brides and grooms? Sure, if you really want to. But you may find the possibility that some people have in which they do this, and end up divorced later on or not in love with their partner (or their partner despises them). By combining modern technology with things like this, you can actually build a trusting relationship, and even find love before you ever talk about the meeting or immigration things.

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