Why Companies Turn To Online Digital Marketing to fight Against COVID-19

Why to relay on Online Marketing

With respect to the viable online statistics available from 2017, it is recorded that in one minute of time, 3.8 million searches are done on Google, 3.3 million posts are made into FaceBook, 29 Million messages are sent in Whatsapp and almost 500 hours of videos get uploaded into YouTube. The stats clearly depict the popularity of the online medium and also foresee a world which sooner or later will be confined to the digital space in one way or the other. This indeed brings out the relevance of digital marketing and the relevance of an online marketing company to associate with.

Why to relay on Online Marketing

2018: Smartphone Continues to be the champion:-

2018 is all set to be more digital by catching the micro moments of the customer, as it is said 96% of users will be in lookout for their smart phones first to do a search. After doing a search, studies show that he will be more moved by the visuals than the content and the native ads, and the marketers with their reliance on their exclusive and dedicated online marketing company will be keen to stay ahead the trends through their smart and customer centric contents.

Influencer Marketing and Branding:-

Equally it is very important to build up your team of influencers who though acquainted or not with your brand posses the caliber to take it to the next level. Smart brand recalling digital campaigns to engage the customers, investing in content development, infographics, targeting the big data, all could be only done by a proficient online marketing company and the reliance derives a meaning, as the businesses could focus on their own core commerce and on the other hand the digital partner aids your business with necessary branding, marketing and generating leads.

Making The Decision To Outsource:-

The AIs and BIs with their applications also keep up the pace, but when it’s not your businesses it’s always wise to outsource especially in such a critical scenario, where your core interest should rest in generating more business & building a process to handle additional. Having said all this, now by this time you might have decided your online marketing company to engage with in this 2018, whom you believe, through their experience and proven out of the box strategies will help you gain and maintain a supreme position even within this highly competitive market.

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