PRP Therapy – Surgical vs. Non-Surgical Treatments

Commonly known as PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment for the people who experience hair loss. This is a non-surgical solution to decrease hair loss and regrow hair. The therapy is especially helpful in giving a chance to hair that could not grow for any reason for past less than 5 years. The PRP therapy is surely a right solution for getting rid of male and female baldness.

When it comes to the treatment of hair loss, you have surgical and non-surgical options. Both have their own advantages. The surgical option is known as hair transplant treatment. PRP therapy is the non-surgical solution.  To know which one is better for the patients, first know these options.

The PRP therapy:-

In PRP treatment, the patient’s blood sample is taken to drive concentrated solution from it. Then, the solution is injected using small injections into the patient’s scalp. In this way, the patient’s own blood is used to heal and repair the hair growth naturally. The injection is filled with blood plasma, which includes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets

It is a type of ‘biotherapy’.  Usually, those people who do not like to use pharmaceutical products go for this therapy.

PRP treatment is new therapy. Still, it has become popular with the people for facial skin rejuvenation and treatment of joints. For hair loss treatment, this therapy is mostly safe.

Advantages of PRP therapy:-

Here are some of the key advantages of using PRP therapy to treat hair loss

  • The therapy is a non-surgical simple procedure
  • It takes only 15-20 minutes to complete the treatment
  • It is an entirely safe procedure
  • The therapy is a reliable solution to regrow hair with volume
  • Both men and women are eligible
  • If you are taking other hair loss treatments, they can be combined with this therapy for the synergistic effect
  • It is a cost-effective therapy.

However, you must note that PRP therapy is not a permanent solution. You have to undergo the treatment 6 to 12 months after the first year to maintain the results.

The Surgical treatment:-

A laser treatment for hair loss is best hair loss therapy. This is a surgical procedure. The surgeon will remove your hair follicles surgically from the back of your head, which is the donor area. Then, those hair follicles are transplanted to the area where the treatment is required, known as the recipient area. Since it is a surgical procedure, it can be painful for the patient. The recovery period is usually one to two weeks.

However, hair transplant is not considered suitable for female pattern hair loss [FPHL]. This pattern is a diffuse thinning pattern. This means that hair is thinning everywhere.  The donor area, due to the FPHL, may not be suitable for hair transplant as the required hair density if missing. Moreover, some women experience shock loss due to the surgery.  This may cause further hair loss.  So, for women, the surgical treatment seems unsuitable.


We can conclude that for patients with female pattern hair loss, PRP therapy is the best option. They can get back thickness of their hair as the therapy re-activates dormant follicles. But if there is an area of the scalp which shows up significantly, then hair transplant may be a better option. PRP treatment may not be a good option when it comes to growth of hair on a completely bald area. PRP therapy is the latest technology to treat hair loss if the area is not completely bald. It is a pain less and quick solution to regrow your hair.

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