Time to Call an Electrician: 5 Signs You Need to Hire an Electrician

Hire an Electrician

There are strict rules and regulations regarding what electrical works you can do yourself at home, and those that you can’t. Knowing these rules will give you a good indication of when you should call an electrician.

However, there are other times, when you can undertake the work yourself, but you will be better off calling an electrician. Here are the 5 biggest signs that you need to hire an electrician.

Hire an Electrician
Time to Call an Electrician: 5 Signs You Need to Hire an Electrician
  1. It’s A Big Job

If you’re intending to rewire a room, a lighting circuit, or even add wiring to an extension you should consider calling your electrician. In fact, n these instances you may be better off with a business specializing in advertising electrician jobs Sydney.

That way you’ll get a qualified electrician for as long as you need them, and the job will be completed properly.

Don’t forget, trying to undertake a big job yourself means you need the time to complete the work. It’s unlikely you’ll have the time to get the job done quickly, whereas an electrician can because they’re being paid to.

  1. Burning Smell

The smell of electrical burning is a definitive sign that you have an electrical issue. Burning means that an appliance is overheating or that wires are melting together in the circuit. This is usually due to a short and will dramatically increase the risk of a fire.

Unfortunately, while the source of the smell may give you an indication of where the issue is, it won’t usually allow you to pinpoint it exactly.

A qualified electrician can run tests to identify the issue and fix it properly.

  1. Flickering Lights Or Equipment

This is actually another sign that you may have a short in your circuits. Flickering lights and appliances mean that the power is not getting through cleanly. The wires into the light fitting or socket will need to be examined and the fault traced.

It can then be fixed or replaced. Again, leaving it is not an option as it will increase the risk of fire.

  1. Circuits Tripping

Your breakers are designed to trip the moment there is a fault, effectively protecting you and even saving your life.

However, if you find they are tripping regularly then there is an issue with that circuit. The circuit could be overloaded, you’ll need to unplug everything and calculate the power draw that all the appliances on one circuit are making.

Alternatively, it could be a specific appliance, you’ll need to plug each appliance in one-at-a-time to verify they are not making the breaker trip.

If it is one of these faults or that the breaker is faulty, you’ll need to get an electrician to replace the breaker and any damaged wiring.

  1. Buzzing Noises

Hearing buzzing in the walls is never a good thing. Combine this with visible sparks when you plug or unplug an appliance and you’ve almost certainly got a short.

Again, it will need to be traced and then fixed or the wires replaced.

That’s the thing to remember, an electrician is an expert in handling these issues, you’re not. Don’t risk electrocution when a phone call is all it takes for the matter to be resolved.

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