Middleby Celfrost – Unconventional food storage facilities

It can be seen that many businesses are coming to understand the importance and benefits of blast freezer and cold rooms with the commercial refrigeration and freezer market expanding globally. As such, Middleby Celfrost is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing and producing customized and enviable equipment for the foodservice industry in India and abroad. Having occupied a large portion of the market since 100 years of business, Middleby Celfrost markets and services a range of equipments in the commercial foodservice, food processing, and residential kitchen equipment industries.

Middleby Celfrost Unconventional food storage facilities
Middleby Celfrost Unconventional food storage facilities

Blast Freezers


  • With an ability to freeze several tons of produce in as little as 24 hours, one of the biggest benefits of blast freezers is that they have they help to keep the food super fresh and healthy for the longest time. Through this process the bacteria has minimal time to develop and keeps produce fresh in bulk.
  • As it effectively stops rapid nutrient deterioration, the speedy freezing process of the blast freezer provides benefits to both the consumer and the business.
  • Making them an important asset to have as the demand for healthier frozen goods grows across the globe, blast freezers can also be used to retain nutrients in ready-cooked meals.


  • Cold stores
  • Chill stores
  • Carcass cooling
  • Low-temperature test chambers
  • Low-temperature blast freezing
  • Blast chilling

Cold Rooms

Middleby Celfrost cold rooms are tailored to meet the highest standards in retail, hospitality, and industry. Their attractive features include energy efficiency, above average hygiene properties,  advanced technology, and high user convenience. With several doors and floor options to meet your specific cold storage needs these customized cold rooms are available in a range of attractive profile finishes specially curated by Middleby Celfrost cold room suppliers. 


  • Specially designed to minimize cross-contamination, the panels are also available with Antibacterial steel for superior antibacterial protection.
  • Panels are manufactured with an insulated core that is fire-resistant and laminated with CRP grade steel, sealed with PVC gaskets thus eliminating moisture penetration.
  • Reliable warranty and post-warranty support guaranteed by Middleby Celfrost cold rooms suppliers.
  • Facility of a remote refrigeration system and optimal temperature management.
  • Stainless steel or pre-painted aluminum evaporators, Imported & Indian energy-efficient compressors
  • The option of hermetic and semi-hermetic and plastic / powder-coated grills


  • Backup capabilities and accessibility
  • Saving Money
  • Customizable sizes and settings
  • A wide variety of uses
  • Freeing up space

Product Applications

  • Blast and plate freezers
  • Chillers
  • Clean rooms for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
  • Customized, ready to build cold rooms
  • Industrial and commercial cold storage
  • Freezers

Food safety should be of the utmost importance for every organization in the industry. Investing in the above freezer units by Middleby Celfrost can not only save you money by minimizing waste but it can help your business expand the products that it has on-hand. An expansion is beneficial for both the business and the customer much like the bacterial and nutritional advantages. By improving the health of the general population, adopting new and efficient ways to improve this will ensure a harmonious relationship between the company and the consumer.

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