Math Apps to Help Your Middle Schooler Through Thick and Thin

My daughter just started middle school this year and she’s been having a bit of a tough time adjusting to her new math class; especially with multiplication. I decided to do a bit of research on the internet to see what I could do, as a parent, to help her out and relieve her stress.

Math Apps to Help Your Middle Schooler Through Thick and Thin
Math Apps to Help Your Middle Schooler Through Thick and Thin

I happened upon this website that has a list of the best 10 apps for middle school math – how absolutely perfect is that? I never thought of having my daughter use an app (mostly because I really just thought they were used for games, which is not helpful when your child is easily distracted).

Best 10 Middle School Math Apps

I tried a few of the apps out first and then showed them to my daughter. We’ve been using them together as she gets more comfortable with them, and we’re both already seeing a major difference in her performance. She seems to be a lot more comfortable with the various concepts she’s studying, and the additional practice has actually been cutting down her homework time significantly because she’s much more accustomed to solving the problems.

Perfect Your Times Tables with Learn Multiplication Table

Learn Multiplication Table has a character called Multiplying Panda; it’s an adorable, fuzzy panda to kids learn math concepts, particularly, multiplication. This app was designed with the aid of teachers, so it’s effective. And, kids are rewarded with trophies and in-app prizes every time they do something right, which is a great way to keep them motivated to keep going. As a parent, I can also manually set the experience level of my daughter so she doesn’t get overwhelmed.

The only negative I can think of in regards to this app is that it does not allow the user to focus in on just one set of numbers. If my daughter is struggling with one particular group of numbers, I can’t adjust the settings so she just works on those. Instead, this app randomizes all multiplication table problems.

Get Kids Comfortable with Multiplication Basics Using Kids Multiplication Table

Kids Multiplication Tables is another great app because it has more than 10 different exercise modes for helping your child memorize and refresh their knowledge of times tables from 1 to 12. The exercises range from filling in a blank multiplication table to shooting number asteroids in space – it’s all very fun and creative, which keeps the subject interesting. And, if your child is ready to apply their knowledge, you can set them up with the exam mode so they can practice math in a test framework.

This is a really good, beginner-friendly app because it only has times tables from 1 to 12. I think this is both a pro and a con. My daughter likes to use this app to refresh her memory and become more confident about multiplication. However, as she is in Middle School, not all of the features apply to her because she is at a higher level.

Turn Your Child Into a Math Pro with Maths Multiplication Tables

With Maths Multiplication Tables, your child will learn hundreds of multiplication combinations for every number from 1 to 100. It’s very extensive, which is good for older children. There are practice exercises for any and all multiplication tables, and there’s even an exam mode with multiple difficulty levels to help your child test their knowledge. Plus, for users who want additional help, there is an audio recording for every multiplication table, so your child can learn additional memorization tools.

If your child gets bored easily, then just know that they may prefer more engaging exercises such as animated games. While I do think this app is absolutely priceless in terms of helping kids understand and become more comfortable with multiplication, it’s not overly exciting.


Ever since I discovered these apps, I’ve seen such a difference in my daughter’s confidence when it comes to solving math problems. She no longer gets stressed by the mere thought of her homework.

If your child is struggling with math – especially with multiplication – I think you should really give these apps a try. I’ve noticed a world of a difference with my child and I think you will too.

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